Game of Thrones Winner: “Home”

First of all, the only thing that would have kept me from watching this episode live was the fact that while it was airing I was watching the Mainstreet Electrical Parade. (There was also a dragon in that.)

Anyway, I got back to my room around 12:30 and streamed the episode immediately. I even planned on writing this post immediately.

That didn’t happen because it took me a while to decide who the winner of the episode was, but in the end, I landed on an unconventional choice!

Viserion and Rhaegal are the winners of last nights Game of Thrones. Because Tyrion decided to unchain them because they weren’t eating. It was actually a really cool scene


We got some old school Tyrion backstory and speechafying and he made friends with the dragons. It really is a detail that’s been forgotten by the show that was a big part of the book that Tyrion is obsessed with Dragons.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

No Grey Worm, this one misses him a lot. But we did see Missandei again which is pretty cool. She discusses the whole dragon situation with Tyrion. I’d missed her too. I’m hoping we see my favorite ship together again at some point.

Sansa Agency Watch

Sansa didn’t do a lot but she did talk to Brienne about what was going on at Winterfell that she regrets not going with Brienne in the first place. (Obviously) They also talk about Arya and the look of love on Sansa’s face is absolutely heartbreaking, but completely beautiful and totally earned. She also says goodbye to Theon, who has decided to go home to the Iron Islands. That probably won’t go well, but whatever.

Arya Badass Watch

Arya fights The Waif, but you know actually wins this time which is pretty great. Then The Faceless Man shows up and quizzes her about who she is, she reiterates that she is No One, begin referring to herself as A Girl instead of as Arya, it’s intense and badass and great.

Is Jon Going To Stay Dead?

Nope. Jon’s alive. Melissandra brought him back, but she doesn’t think that she did. Everyone gave up on him. But also there was an awesome mini battle between the Wildlings and the men of the night’s watch. It involved the giant. But anyway, Jon’s alive. Just like we all knew he would be, because he’s obviously alive. I mean duh. I’ll keep this section going at least one more week though, because I do want to get into what happens now that Jon is alive.


So Balon Greyjoy is dead. His brother killed him. Yara is all set to be the ruler of the Iron Islands, but first there has to be a Kingsmoot to select the next ruler. I am delighted by this. We heard about Kingsmoots in the books, but never saw one.

I didn’t even get into my favorite part of the episode which is the Tommen stuff, because I’m pretty sure that Tommen Baratheon (Lannister) is the best character on these show, in terms of being a good person, and this means that he will surely be dead in a few episodes.

Trip write up is coming you guys, I had an amazing time! Seriously most of the day was kind of perfect anyway, so topping it off with a not dead Jon Snow just makes it the biggest winner of all.

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