Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Her Hair Is Full of Secrets

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Everyone is asking Chibi-Usa to keep secrets and it’s kind of weird and annoying. I mean, it’s one thing when Hotaru does it because they’re in love, but when Haruka picks her up in her helicopter and tells her that their relationship with Usagi is a secret it sounds…predatory? I don’t know, I’m not into it.

Anyway, Chibi-Usa goes to see Hotaru to return her handkerchief, and to flirt, because they’re adorable. They talk about how Hotaru was in an accident and it’s awesome and I love them and this Ship is leaving the harbor.

Meanwhile, Usagi is freaking out about that kiss with Sailor Uranus, but when she’s talking to the other Senshi about it, she’s all, “she told me to stay out of their way and definitely nothing else happened you guys, OMG what??????” Sometimes I feel like Usagi should speak only in Emogi.

So Haruka gives Usagi tickets to Michiru’s next concert at Mugen Academy and the Senshi decide to go to investigate and also because pretty violin music. Mamoru got tickets from Michiru and I’ve always hated this aspect of this arc because it’s like, dudes you’re all star crossed soul mates here, stop making it difficult for the others. Anyway, he brings Chibi-Usa.

Minako is bummed about this because in another theater at Mugen Academy (how big is this school?) Pop Idol Mimi something (Mimette! MY LOVE!) is performing and she’d much rather do that, so she sneaks off to go to that show and learns that Mimi is really Mimette and goes to get the others. They fight and Uranus and Neptune show up and win the fight.

When Sailor Moon asks who they are we get a beautiful shot of them standing in dual spot light, and they say their names and the episode ends.

I’m liking so many things about this season, but the fact that we get this show once a week instead of every other week is probably my favorite part, it keeps everything from being bogged down and keeps the momentum going. And I really did forget just how much this arc books. 

I want to talk for a minute though about the closing theme which hit me in a completely different way this time. The opening chords are so haunting and gothic and perfect for Michiru and Haruka. Also, I’m a huge sucker for a female tenor line, which is what Haruka is singing here. Michiru sounds like a Mezzo? It’s pretty high but it doesn’t quite hit the full on soprano line. Anyway, for another stellar example of gorgeous female tenor stylings, listen to Queen Latifah’s version of “California Dreaming,” or any of her songs from December’s production of The Wiz. It’s one of the things that I’ve come to really love about Sailor Moon is how integral music is to the show and how beautiful the music is.

Anyway, I’m off to Disney World tomorrow, so I may not update tomorrow. It depends on how packing goes tonight!

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