Playing Catch Up

I haven’t been super into writing lately and it’s mostly because I’ve been playing a lot of catch up and remembering that we’re gaining on movie season and getting ready for my travel for the next three weekends and my day job getting pretty busy.

What I have been doing lately is catching up on things that have been hanging out on my DVR and after the past few days I’ve got things pretty well caught up.

I’m up to date on Agents of SHIELD. I don’t want to go into movie season behind. Not that I expect Civil War to have a huge impact on it, but there might be one. I hate that the team is split but I like it for the narrative.

I have one episode of Scandal before being caught up and everytime I think that show can’t get more ridiculous, Olivia does something like beat Andrew to death with a chair in the White House bunker. Also it looks like she and Fitz are going to get back together which, you know, ick.

Caught up on Empire. I don’t even know what the plot of that show is anymore, but I’m still loving it. I’m glad that Hakeem and Jamal haven’t turned on each other and that Andre is scheming again and the twist that Lucscious’s mother is actually alive is also pretty great.

Fox Comedies, I don’t even know how behind I am, although I think just one week? It’s hard because the programming schedule on that block is weird and some weeks some shows have new episodes and others have reruns.

I have one The Flash, since The CW is even more inconsistent than Fox, god knows if it’s even worth getting caught up. I’ve given up on Legends of Tomorrow and I watch Arrow begrudgingly these days, although I’m caught up on it too. (RIP Laurel, a character who never met the potential laid out for her.)

I’m finished with Supergirl and absolutely adored the finale. I really hope we’re getting a season 2, but I’m even more looking forward to Melissa Benoist showing up next year on The Flash as Power Girl. Overall I think Supergirl was a qualified success, much like the first season of Agents it was a slow start, took a while to find it’s legs and then took of running. And it’s sunny beautiful view of superheroics is so necessary right now if the genre is going to survive.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m hoping to binge How To Get Away With Murder over the summer and maybe Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend too, but we’ll see what I have time for with movie season and HBO and OTH rewatch. I’m also considering trying Battle Star Galactica since that’s another foundational piece that’s missing from my geek stuff. I don’t know, we’ll see.

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