Sailor Stars Check OUT: Episode 200: I am Usagi Tsukino

Sailor Stars

It’s over.

Seriously, just, it’s done. No more. This anime has ceased to be. (I mean it’s still there, but Monty Python reference…)

So let’s talk about this ending, Chibi-Chibi is revealed to be the light of hope incarnate, and Usagi is having to resist the call to use that light to destroy Galaxia. Her absolute refusal to fight, only to feel is probably the most amazing part, and in the end, the fact that she literally wills her loved ones back to life is still one of the most astounding narrative decisions ever made by anyone.

The problem with this ending in animation is clear though. It’s beautiful, and even the still shots are gorgeous but it’s a static ending. It’s mostly just Sailor Moon and Sailor Galaxia staring at each other, which looks lovely. (Although why was Sailor Moon naked? Like the whole time, she has adorable sailor uniform she could be wearing…I guess it further illustrates her vulnerability in that moment or whatever, but distracting, especially since she didn’t have nipples or a vagina, and looked like a Barbie doll…I’m overthinking this…)

Anyway, in the end hope and love are victorius, Sailor Galaxia is returned to her original state (still fabulous, by the way, in her backless pastel ball gown and with her rainbow hair…God I love her…) and the star seeds she’s collected are released which is why we get to see all of our friends again…with one noted exception.

Where’s Chibi-Usa? I mean, I guess she’s returned to the future, or whatever? But it bothers me to see her excluded from the group shots. The outers return to their quiet life of raising Hotaru as a poly amorous lesbian collective. (This is my head canon and if I want Setsuna to be in on the love with Haruka and Michiru than DAMNIT THEY ARE.) And we get one final moment of the Senshi razzing Usagi when Seiya is trying to give her a romantic goodbye and she’s like, “yeah, we’ll always be friends, why are you being so weird?” She also brought Princess Kakkyu back to life.

The anime ends differently than the manga and I actually like it better, as much as I love ending on Usagi and Mamoru’s wedding, the quiet scene where she asks him why he loves her and the voice over, “I’m Usagi Tsukino, I’m 16 years old and in my first year of high school. I’m very clumsy and sort of a cry baby, but really, I’m Sailor Moon, the pretty guardian in a sailor suit who fights for love and justice.”

It’s just a perfect wrap around to the girl I first met two years ago, and it made me really happy.

And speaking of the two years ago, I kind of can’t believe that this is over you guys. What started because I’d found a large an unforgiving gap in my nerd knowledge has become one of my go to obsessions and a way for me to admit I was wrong about something. For years I stayed away from manga and anime, insisting that it wasn’t “my thing.” Now, I’m not even sure why. I’m incredibly grateful that Sailor Moon opened up this world for me.

What Comes Next?

I’m not sure.

Really. As I finished up yesterday, I realized that I’m kind of stuck here. Between Sailor Moon and The X-Files, I spent the last two years really challenging myself to absorb something new, and now I’m, just not sure what to do. I’ll still cover Crystal…which, I’ve officially decided is moving to this Thursday spot, mostly because I need Tuesday for less pressing movie season reviews…and I have the short stories to read plus one of these days I might read Code Name:Sailor V…and of Game of Thrones comes back soon.

I also have the One Tree Hill rewatch happening…but that will finish up long before the post for it catch up. I’m about a season and a half ahead of myself now and when the regular TV season ends I’ll be moving even faster.

And I have another idea, that doesn’t really fit to be discussed here, but it’ll come.

In the meantime, I’m exhaling. This project was a lot of fun, but it was a lot of work and a lot of time. I’m grateful to have these forty five minutes of watch time back a week, but even more grateful to have encountered Sailor Moon and all things connected.

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