Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 3: Episodes 1-5

Guys! It’s time to start Season 3, which is so crazy good, I’d forgotten it’s wonders!


Season 3: Episode 1:”Like You Love An Arsonist”

It is quite possible that everyone set Dan on fire. Nathan and Lucas are prime suspects, although Deb should not be ruled out, and possibly Keith. Either way he wants revenge.

Haley is home and really wants to make it work with Nathan. He still loves her but isn’t sure he can forgive her. What I love about them is how you can’t really fault either of them for this. Haley shouldn’t have left, but Nathan shouldn’t have shut her out. And he goes to High Fliers, and she stays in Tree Hill.

Brooke is back from California and tells Lucas that she wants to date, but not exclusively, he seems on board for it, but everyone else is pretty sure that it’s not a great plan. Also, she has BANGS. And they kick ass. And she moves into Nathan and Haley’s apartment, with Haley as her roommate.

Peyton has cut and straightened her hair because she doesn’t want to look like Ellie, who she now knows is her birth mother. Her father explains that after her mother died he didn’t have it in him to break her heart by telling her she was adopted. Because she’s Peyton, she has a lot of feelings about this. But her “6,000,000 people and sometimes all you need is 1” monologue is one of the show’s greats.

Season 3: Episode 2: “From The Edge of The Deep Green Sea”

The new status quo is in place. Dan is out on a revenge seeking path, which at this point is just him asking everyone who might have done it weird questions that are sort of related to his poisoning and being set on fire. “Haley, did you leave some black leather gloves around?” “Ah, Lucas, I see you are building a camp fire. You sure do like lighting things on fire, don’t you son?” “Karen, are you going to drug my coffee like you drugged that bottle of Jack on my desk?” It’s hilarious.

Brooke is throwing an end of the summer beach party and still claiming that she wants to play the field with Lucas. Literally no one believes her and basically all Lucas is doing is staring intently at Brooke. It’s exhausting and I just want these kids to get together. (But OH SO CLOSE to Rachel now…or does she not come in until Season 4?

Haley is still trying to make it work with Nathan and he is still not engaging. Until he does. And then they talk about how they love each other and she says that matters and he says that it doesn’t and round and round  we go.

Peyton fights with her dad about seeing Ellie. He explains himself, that Ellie had a drug problem, and he was worried about further upsetting her after her mother died and she pouts at him. He confronts Ellie. Ellie says she’s clean, no longer a drug addict. Lucas sees her exchanging money in the street and reports to Peyton that he saw Ellie buying drugs. If it sounds like I’m being flippant, I’m not. I love this plotline something fierce.

Season 3: Episode 3:”First Day On A Brand New Planet”

It’s the first week of senior year and everyone has a lot of stuff going on. BTW, love the way this season takes it’s time getting back to school. As I’ve said, seasons 1 & 3 are probably the objective best. Though I am very partial to 4. Anyway, everyone is adjusting to their new circumstances.

Haley and Lucas are lamenting that this year lockers are assigned alphabetically, and they have to see Nathan every day. So, that’s a thing. He’s not quite full backslided into Nathan Scott Rampaging Asshole, but he’s definitely being kind of a jerk. But Haley is determined. She goes to Whitey for advice, and Whitey puts both of them in detention so that they have to talk. It’s a very Whitey plan.

He is way too involved in these kids lives, but since he’s pretty much the only faculty member of Tree Hill High, it’s to be expected.

Peyton continues to be awful. I mean, the anger at her dad is fine, but I get so mad when she takes it out on Haley. It’s gross. Anyway, Larry decides to let her know that he’s OK with her spending time with Ellie. She’s not swayed, but then Lucas tells her that Ellie has cancer.

Also, Lucas is not taking his HCM medication and often grips his heart dramatically every time he exercises. Also, Karen rallies to keep Whitey’s job. She wins. And Lucas tells Brooke that he’s done with the non exclusive thing. I don’t blame him.

Season 3: Episode 4: “An Attempt To Tip The Scales”

GUYSSSS!!!! RACHEL!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, actually, a bunch of stuff happens in this episode which centers around a costume party. Haley and Lucas get a very cute trying on costume montage that is actually making me sad that Agent Carter killed Jack Thompson off, because CMM can rock a costume. Anyway, in the end Haley tells him that Brooke wants him to dress up as Tommy Lee. This is a lie, but he meets a hot new girl dressed as Pamela Anderson. AND IT’S RACHEL!!!!!! We don’t know her name yet, but God, she’s the best.

Brooke and Peyton goes as The Devil and The Angel of Death respectively and Peyton’s “Angel of Death” costume is AMAZING, and, WANT TO COSPLAY, MUST DENY THE URGE…anyway, Peyton goes to see Ellie and they are angsty and it is great. They talk about Peyton’s Mom. It’s actually quite sweet.

Nathan and Haley also go to the party, her as Sexy Sandy from Grease and him as Batman…mmmm….James Lafferty dressed as Batman…OK I’m back. They talk AGAIN about not trusting eachother or whatever. But then Batman kisses her and she’s really happy, but it turns out that it wasn’t Nathan at all, it was Chris. Also, dressed as Batman for reasons.

Aside from being the episode where we meet Rachel, (which is so important, and in case you didn’t gather is the best thing everrrr) it’s also the episode where Dan Scott For Mayor happens and then he and Deb have a whole Screwball comedy thing going where they decide to stay married for reasons, and just go out of their way to make each other miserable.

Oh. Also Lucas is stealing money from The Cafe in order to pay for his HCM medication because this episode is the best…

Season 2: Episode 5: “A Multitude of Casualties”

Non linear storytelling episode! (Identifying the OTH patterns has been really fun with this rewatch!) This time, we start at the end of Midnight Madness, the cheerleaders, including Haley And Rachel (!!!) are aggressively going through their routine. The team enters mid brawl. We flash back to see what’s going on.

Mouth his doing a Ravens basketball podcast (Peyton also has a podcast…) and he needs a cohost, he gets one in freshman Gigi, who doesn’t actually talk. So that’s fun.

Brooke and Peyton are having cheerleader tryouts and everyone sucks, except Rachel, who shows up and is awesome. Brooke does not like her. She also wants to force Lucas to date other people and tells him that he should go out with Rachel. Then she gets jealous. You know, no shit. She’s also just jealous of Rachel in general, because the other cheerleaders like her, because, and I say this with completely love for the character of Rachel Gattina…Rachel is Brooke on steroids. She’s more sexual than Brooke, she’s bitchier than Brooke and she’s more aggressively social than Brooke. Anyway, this leads to a fight.

Nathan, meanwhile is pushing Haley to work with Chris even though this will make him miserable. There is no logic here except that Nathan might be a masochist.

Dan is running for mayor and Karen is running against him. There’s also a whole confrontation between Peyton and Ellie, and I love this plot but it’s pretty straight forward and it gives us some great Peyton “art.” The Ellie “Lie” drawing is probably my favorite. It’s even more emo than “people always leave.”

Overall Analysis of This Arc

I really did forget how good this season is. It’s a thing of beauty. Everything is firing on all cylinders. The parties, the Lucas/Brooke non exclusive relationship, the Naley broken up but with angst, the Peyton mom stuff, RACHEL. It’s all so clicking and so beautifully that I’m just really grateful for it. It did take me a while to get through it because life got in the way, but I’m back in it now and I love it so much!

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