Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Flying Hats

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

So those full transformation sequences are gonna be a thing every week huh? Anyway, besides that, the episode was good.

We met the Witches 5 and they look awesome, I squeed seeing my adorable Mimette, even though she didn’t do much except look totally fierce. Anyway, the main thrust of the episode was the Senshi team infiltrating Mugen Academy and bless Usagi, using her transformation pen to get a Mugen uniform and some super cute half moon glasses. (Transformation Pen…forgot that was a thing.) She runs around the school for a while and is drawn to some violin music, which is Miciru, playing as the wind whips around her and light shimmers, because she is a perfect vision of loveliness…

Anyway, she clearly recognizes Usagi and tells her that she’s very brave and it’s hard to tell if she’s being sarcastic or not but it’s an nice moment. Then Haruka confronts the other four girls on the steps of the school and mostly there’s just a lot of staring.

Meanwhile, Mamoru takes Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Usa’s adorable school friends to the amusement park and Chibi-Usa’s hat flies away on a roller coaster.(What were you doing wearing a hat on a roller coaster, Chibi-Usa??? Do gravity and wind not work the same in Crystal Tokyo?) and she chases after it. When she finds it, at Mugen Academy, naturally, she also finds the sickly Hotaru, who’s in her Mugen uniform, not her intensely fabulous black turtleneck. (I imagine it will come soon.) As she tries to find out what’s going on with this girl, The Witches 5 turn a cat into a monster and the senshi all fight her. So, not only do we get a full Sailor Moon transformation, four inners (I do love the sequences, Venus in particular…) we also get a Sailor Chibi Moon…it’s a lot of episode time. But the fight is cool looking and there’s lot’s glitter and sparklies for everyone.

Meanwhile, Neptune and Uranus are watching from the shadows, and Uranus is dressed as Tuxedo Mask for…reasons? I know that there’s the attraction between her and Usagi, but you don’t need to further highlight it…anyway…the episode ends with them flying off and everyone looking on in wonder.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode, there’s a lot of set up and I’m glad we’ve met Hotaru and anytime spent with Chibi-Usa’s school friends is time well spent, in my opinion. Without the disappoint of it not being “Moon Pride,” I was able to appreciate the new opening titles for what they are. I particularly like the sequence where Sailor Moon is running, it reminds me of the “Usagi Runs for Five Minutes” closing titles from the original.

Only the one episode left of the original which I’ll write up on Thursday…then I don’t know. I could watch some other anime…I want to know if I really can be into this genre or if it’s just this story that’s my thing…Anyway, I’m open to suggestions. I’d prefer stuff that’s on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. I’m sure Crunchy Roll is great and all, I just can’t justify another streaming service for something that I may not go the distance on…

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