Real Life is Complicated

I finally got a chance to watch Zootopia this weekend and I was very happy with. I know that it’s been through the internet hype machine for the past couple of months, which is something that I’m always wary of.

Zootopia was really special though, and I’m glad I went to see it. This isn’t the first time that Disney used adorable animals to break your heart with a story of horrifying and deep seeded prejudice. (If you haven’t seen The Fox And The Hound and you’re looking for a reason to weep openly for a couple of hours, I recommend it.) But Zootopia does it well, and I’m quite taken with the main characters Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde.

Judy is a naïve but savvy bunny, the first to ever become a Zootopia police officer. She’s dealing with having to represent not just herself, but all bunnies, and all small animals in general. At work she’s surrounded by larger predators.

What’s nice about Judy is how she’s not about to give up and how she uses he differences to an advantage.

Meanwhile, Nick has decided to lean into the fox stereotypes of being sly and tricky and has lived as a con man for most of his life. When Judy catches him and learns that he might have a connection to a case of a missing otter, they team up, albeit reluctantly.

Their friendship grows, but Judy does have trouble getting past her biases. (Shown as at least grounded in being attacked by a bully fox when she was a kid), and Nick has trouble loosing his cynicism, but in the end the unlikely friends save the day, and everyone learns to be a better person and dances to a Shakira song.

I’m also always happy to see actors I like doing well in voice acting and Jason Bateman and Ginnifer Goodwin are excellent here, and really fit the characters quite well.

As I’ve said over the past few years, Disney’s been on a roll lately and once again, that roll hasn’t stopped with Zootopia which is incredibly sweet and probably deeper than I’m giving it credit for.

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