Star Wars News: Rogue OneTrailer and Poe Dameron #1

I was all set to write about Charles Soule and Phil Noto’s new Poe Dameron comic book, (hard to follow plot, because they made him perfectly beautiful…like Grayson level hard…except with fewer jokes about butts.) And so I thought, “oh, what a nice way to end the week.”


And then there was more Star Wars stuff, because the trailer for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story also dropped, and it’s wonderful as well.

I’m basically just overjoyed at all of this wonderful Star Wars goodness that I got.

Let’s start with Poe.

Guys it’s been a really long time since I clicked this hard with a character, when it came to full blown obsession.

I’m talking like, Blair Waldorf level obsession. (I haven’t yet modeled my entire wardrobe after Poe…I probably won’t, although I have been wearing a lot of orange.) I’m not really reading a lot of comics regularly these days. Pretty much just Bitch Planet.

But I was going to read this, and I will continue to read it every month, because I’m just completely obsesses.

The comic centers around Poe’s lead up to his mission on Jakku. He doesn’t know that he’s going to Jakku yet. Leia sends him to find Max Von Sidow (Character name I CANNOT REMEMBER FOR THE LIFE OF ME) to find the map to Luke. They know his last known whereabouts, so Poe assembles his squad of X-Wing pilots, most of whom we saw in the movie.

There’s also a reference to a battle on Jakku…which would explain the downed Star Destroyer and AT-AT…and possibly some stuff about how Rey and The Millenium Falcon wound up there…Anyway, Poe encounters a small group of people who are trying to hatch a galactic savior out of a giant egg and is both awkward and smooth around them, because that’s the sort of thing that Charles Soule excels at. In fact the quote that’s sticking out to me is “I don’t want to hurt your egg, I like your egg!”

The back up story is called “Rolling Along With BB-8,” where BB-8 is trying to hook up an X-Wing pilot with and X-Wing mechanic. It’s adorable, because he’s the best.

Now let’s talk Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

First of all, I love the subtitle. I think it’s an excellent way to differentiate the “anthology” films from the “saga” films. Brilliant. Go Kathleen Kennedy. Next, the trailer looks bad ass.

I’m really into Felicity Jones as a straight up badass, and hey MON MOTHMA!! That’s pretty cool. And Forrest Whittaker. So there’s that. I’m really excited, I only got around to watching it once and it did make me cry. (The Force Theme man, it gets me every time.)

So much Star Wars goodness coming at us and I’m sure there’s just more to come.

Until then, May The Force Be With You!

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