Sailor Stars Check In: All My Friends Are Dead

Sailor Stars

It’s been well established that the thing that drives Sailor Moon to fight is her love for her friends. (And boyfriend and future daughter.) So what does Sailor Moon fight for when all of her friends are dead?


So, Galaxia has killed everyone. And as it turns out Michiru and Haruka are just pretending to serve her. To them try to take her out. It wasn’t a perfect plan. But Galaxia did find it fascinating that for the first time her bracelets didn’t control someone. But of course they didn’t because it’s impossible to control Uranus and Neptune. They are completely their own.

Their death scene is probably the one that’s hit me hardest so far, I was weeping. When Michiru says, “I want to feel you,” I could barely breath.

Of course I’m skipping ahead because first I was wrecked by Usagi’s vision of all of her friends where they told her not to worry, they were fine and this was all part of the plan. Where they teased her and told her that she was such a cry baby and couldn’t keep a secret and then all vanished. My heart was broken, and for not quite the first time, we saw serene, simply ready to fight Sailor Moon.

The Starlights are also now committed to fighting for her and it’s awesome. But she’s decided not to fight, she’s going to talk to Galaxia because she’s like that.

During this conversation, we learn that Galaxia was the legendary guardian who sealed away chaos, and as a result, could trust no one else with her burden. Sailor Moon doesn’t understand this. She wants to help ease her fellow Senshi’s burden and again, it’s all just heartbreaking.

Usagi’s super power is love. It’s feeling and positivity and that’s what’s so special about her as a hero. Galxia’s not having it though and she wipes out everything. But Sailor Moon is still fighting, pushing on. And she’s not looking to destroy Galaxia, that isn’t what she wants, she’s not after revenge, she wants to save her and it’s just wonderful.

I only have one more week of this. Luckily Crystal is now here to be my Sailor Moon methodone, plus I have the short stories sitting in my room for when I get really desperate.

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