Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Wake Up

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

It’s here! Just in time to tide me over as I finish up the original anime, the third season of Sailor Moon Crystal. 

So here’s what I’m thinking as we move on to a new stage, at least for the next two weeks, we’re going to get double the Sailor fun. I’ll post about Crystal on Tuesday and Stars on Thursday, until there are no more Stars…then I might move Crystal to Thursday, but it depends on a couple of things.

Anyway, Sailor Moon Crystal may have it’s problems but the one thing that it is very good at, is getting to the point. Before the new opening song rolls we’ve already met Pharoah 90 and seen Hotaru sleeping in her bed.

Then we get out new opening which is very pretty and atmospheric but doesn’t pump you up the way “Moon Pride” did. Or at least doesn’t pump me up the same way. I can’t speak for other people.

Anyway, we get a few quick scenes that introduce everyone to the audience again, and Usagi explains that everyone is living in happy peace. There are reports of weird shadow monsters called “regressions” but that’s it. Mostly, the Senshi (and Mamo, and Naru) are concerned about a new private school that opened, Mugen Academy.

Oh, also getting to the point, we meet Haruka and Michiru almost right away. And they connect with Usagi and Mamoru right away.

Then the Senshi fight a Reversion and that’s about it for the episode.

Look it’s good little return to this world, and I liked it a lot. I certainly wasn’t bored and the episode flew by, which, when you consider how slow the second season felt, is a big deal. There are new transformation sequences and they’re very pretty. The whole show is still gorgeous, and very straight from the manga, but the pacing is a good deal better and it certainly feels like the girls have more energy and personality than they did last go round.

This is also the best arc, so it’s harder to screw up. I’m excited to see how the story pan out and to see more really amazing visuals from this show. I’m madly in love with the ending music video, which is entirely about Uranus and Neptune and is just stunning. 

I’m looking forward to it all, as I said, particularly getting to the point. Because the point in this particular story is a good one.

3 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Wake Up

  1. Ah, you reminded me: I am pretty sad about losing Moon Pride and I even preferred Momoclo’s end theme. I do, however, love that the end theme is all Haruka/Michiru. All the feels.

    The new transformation sequences are better too!


    • I think I’ll be less disappointed moving forward, I was SO PUMPED for Moon Pride and then it was not Moon Pride and I felt sad. I’m also bummed that it didn’t have English translation for either song. (I mean, I know I can look them up but well…that would be so much more effort.)


      • I too was pumped for Moon Pride! But yes, I’ll be prepared next time. Also, I don’t like how the subtitles look, but I’m sure I’ll get over that too.


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