The Special Features Awaken

I got home from work on Friday with two goal, exercise (I’m working out, either running or doing a Darebee work out everyday in April…) and then settle in and watch some stuff. Really I was thinking, “I can get into the DVR things that I need to clean out” but my TV in my bedroom was set to my Amazon Fire Stick rather than cable and there was a big old banner for The Force Awakens, so I bought it, and excercised during the first half hour and then settled on the couch to finish the movie and watch all of the special feature.

You guys already know how I feel about this movie. (If you don’t, here, you learn how I like it a whole heck of a lot!)

But the special features were new and I enjoyed them even more! (If that’s possible) The series of shorts as well as the big making of documentary were a lot of fun.

Because I followed the movie so closely in it’s run up and the weeks following it’s release I didn’t learn a lot of new things, but the bits I did learn were great.

First of all, it was deeply interesting to here the skepticism of the original 3…None of them were terribly interested in doing this movie and JJ Abrams had to talk them into it. I think we can all be grateful that they did. Particularly Harrison Ford, who spoke about Han never getting the ending Ford wanted for him. (Death, Harrison Ford really wanted Han Solo to die…and he got his wish!) Carrie Fisher spoke about having trouble getting back into acting, as she hadn’t in nearly a decade.. Mark Hamill wasn’t sure why Luke would have any bearing on a new story.

But my favorite little detail was how clearly they didn’t expect the fandom to explode over Poe Dameron. The segment about casting Oscar Isaac seems a good deal more thrown together than the rest. They describe him as “The Han of The Piece” which is true though narratively he far more resembles Leia, and Finn resembles Han.

But he is the Han in the sense that like Harrison Ford, this movie made Oscar Isaac everyone’s favorite actor all of a sudden.

Poe Dameron

Why wouldn’t he be?

I spent a good chunk of Thursday night talking about how wonderful he is with Aless, Jess and Alex. So, that’s important!

Anyway, I recommend the special features. The Digital edition is $20, which isn’t bad. I’m not sure how the Blu-Ray is priced, because I’m not buying it! The end!

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