Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 196 & 197: Everyone Dies and I’m Crying

Sailor Stars

Alright, I knew this was coming, I mean, it’s right in the title, “The Sailor Guardian’s Final Battle” but I really, really wasn’t ready for it.

I mean, I’ve read the manga, I know that everyone dies. But I wasn’t ready for it. I wasn’t ready for Ami making the Starlights promise to watch out for Usagi, Rei telling her to pull it together, Mako and Mina explaining that they consider Usagi precious to them. It’s perfect and wonderful and totally heartbreaking when they die and Galaxia takes their star seeds.

Like totally awful, completely devastating, and wonderfully beautiful and perfect. And I was only crying because I was also doing my ab workout, that’s for sure…definitely not because Usagi is having a breakdown and she’s stuck with the stupid insensitive outer senshi and the useless Starlights.

That was mean. I love my outers, but they are not terribly warm, are they? Anyway, during the confrontation with Galaxia, she shows off all of her star seeds and Usagi notices a gold one. Galaxia nods and explains that’s Earth’s star seed, as in it belongs to the being associated with the Earth.

As in the Earth Prince.

As in Mamoru/Endymion, as in Tuxedo Mask. As in he is SUPER DEAD. (Should we honor our treaty? Uh, do whatever you want…) We get an awesome flashback of him fighting Galaxia and her being all “I now rule this planet,” and him being all, “You in the shit now so someone’s gotta shovel it!” (Guys, I listened to Hamilton yesterday, can you tell?) Basically he lets it slip that this planet is protected, which is why she’s looking for more star seeds.

So, after all of this, The Outers and Starlights and Sailor Moon are hanging out in a closet and Saturn tells the Starlights to maybe have some faith in The Moon Princess and the Outers go off to fight Galaxia. She wins, because, obviously. (She’s the best). She offers them a deal, either she’ll take their star seeds and kill them, or they can offer them up willingly and serve her. Saturn and Pluto choose death. (Good girls!) Neptune and Uranus however, make the romantic but sad choice to stay together and serve Galaxia.

Shut up. I’m not crying. YOU’RE crying.

So that’s where we are. My heart is broken. Why would you do this thing Haruka and Michiru?

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