Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 2: Episodes 16-20

As we move along in season 2, I’ve settled into a viewing pattern and our characters have settled into themselves. I’m really excited as we move forward!



Season 2: Episode 16: “Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking”

It’s Keith and Jules wedding day and everyone is happy.

I’m kidding. No one is happy. Except Keith. And Peyton and Jake. And I guess Lucas and Brooke are like, happy adjacent. And even those get sort of blown up by the end of the episode

Everyone else though, is completely miserable. Karen and Andy learn that Jules is actually named Emily, and they assume, since he’s been paying for her life that she’s having an affair with Dan. Karen confronts her Jules/Emily tells her the truth and then leaves Keith at the altar.

Lucas figures out (by magic, I guess?) that Deb is starting to pill pop. ADDICT DEB! I forgot that this started here. He also brings Brooke to the wedding because Brooke loves weddings. Sure, whatever. They’re still just friends, but we all know they still love each other.

Nathan is continuing to spend his days moping and drinking and when Haley calls him excited that she’s going to be on TV, Nathan is mean to her. He watches and when Chris insinuates that he and Haley are a couple he freaks out. He shows up at the wedding blasted and starts yelling about love not being real.

Peyton and Jake have sex!!!! Also, Jenny says Dada and then Nikki shows up. (Ugh, Nikki).

Oh, someone else is happy. Dan is happy, because now he’s ruined Keith’s life, but he’s still trying to get Deb.

That’s right, it’s DEB that he sets on fire. See, I’m remembering things.

Season 2: Episode 17: “Something I Can Never Have”

The aftermath of all the wedding stuff comes to burst. Keith finds out that Karen and Lucas knew about Jules and he is not happy about it. He feels betrayed. He is right. Keith usually is. He does hear Karen out eventually and, my God am I glad that this storyline is finished.

Meanwhile, Brooke is coming to terms with moving and she’s very sad about it. She proposes moving in with Peyton, but her parents nix the plan. She winds up moving in with Karen, since Lucas is still living with Dan in an attempt to destroy him (and hide his life altering disease from his mother.) So Brooke gets to stay in Tree Hill! Hooray!

Meanwhile, Anna figures out that Felix (Ugh, Felix) is the one who spray painted her locker and she tells Peyton, and the principal and Felix gets his ass sent away to military school and dumped by Brooke. And that’s the end of him. Seriously, I couldn’t be happier. For a show that was always pretty much allergic to letting anything go, I’ve always been glad that they recognized how awful this character was.

Peyton and Jake are stressing over the Nikki factor, since she’s decided on full custody for herself. They’re going to fight though, and Andy is going to pay for it. I don’t know why Andy is looped into Jake’s Baby Mama Drama, but whatever, it’s fine. Andy’s a good dude.

And the biggie. Nathan drives somewhere to see Haley, he has a series of delightful flashbacks to their perfect wonderful love. He gets to her and she’s hesitant about things and not wearing her wedding ring, so he leaves, and is sad.

Season 2: Episode 18: “The Lonesome Road”

So, Nathan is really bummed out about Haley and this leads him to getting super drunk and trying to hook up with Taylor. You know, because obviously the way to get through your troubled teenage marriage is to have sex with your sister in law, who you lost your virginity to.

I love this show, it’s so bonkers.

Taylor turns him down, because she’s kind of a bitch, but she’s not a monster. Anyway, she tells him to go home and figure his shit out.

Jake and Peyton run around trying to figure out how to further keep Nikki from getting Jenny. In the end, Jake goes to jail and Jenny goes to Whitey. I truly have completely forgotten how this storyline plays out which is OK because Jake and Peyton are SO DAMN CUTE that I don’t even care.

Lucas finds a double set of book and a bunch of cash in Dan’s ceiling but when he and Andy return to investigate it, it’s gone. (DUN DUN DUNNNN) Then Lucas and Dan talk about Sherlock Holmes and I HATE THIS PLOTLINE SO MUCH OMGGGGG!!!!

Karen grounds Brooke for getting drunk and not working at the cafe. Brooke learns about family, or responsibility, or something.

We say goodbye to Anna, and it’s kind of the worst. I mean, the plot itself is great. Her old girlfriend shows up and they talk and she decides to come out to her parents and then go back to her old school. It really is a bummer that the show didn’t keep Anna, because, as I’ve said, BIG FAN of her.

Season 2: Episode 19: “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning”

Nathan and Lucas drive RACE CARS and Nathan crashes his on purpose probably. I should go back though.

Deb’s cool brother Cooper shows up to help get Nathan out of his funk. Cooper’s actually a really fun character. We haven’t gotten into Brooke’s fun crush on him yet. (Or even better, when he hooks up with Rachel. Ah! I feel like we’re so close and yet so far from Rachel…) But I was really excited for this episode. So, Nathan, Lucas and Cooper go for a road trip and hang out with these other weird racing kids. Nathan broods, they race cars, and then he crashes it and HE goes into a coma. God, those Scott boys and their comas…

Dan shows up at Andy’s class and makes insinuations about his relationship with Karen. (Which by the way, is really unethical…I mean, they’re both adults and everything, this isn’t like season 4 when a newly 18 year old Brooke boinks their English teacher…but it’s still uncool) and Andy loses his job. But he says he’d rather lose his job than Karen. AWWWW. Also he and Dan make man noises at each other.

Deb can’t donate blood to Nathan because she’s a pill popper. Also Brooke, Karen, Deb and Peyton have a dance party to cheer Peyton up because Jake is in jail. Also she and Whitey have a talk about Florida. God, I love Jake and Peyton together, but I forgot how boring the Jenny custody stuff is. Also, Mouth and Erica hang out. I love a Mouth relationship.

Season 2: Episode 20: “Lifetime Piling Up”

OTH Coma Dream ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!!!!! There are more Alt-verse in One Tree Hill than in The DC Universe. (I’m kidding, by the way, but there are quite a few…) Nathan dreams about what life would be like if Dan had chosen Karen instead of Deb.

It’s the pilot, but with Nathan as Lucas and vice versa. (Also Dan is now the assistant coach of the Ravens, Karen is cheating on him with Keith. And Haley is tone deaf). I love this episode. I was actually really excited to watch it. It was made easier by Agent Carter and wanting to punch Chad Michael Murray in the face a whole bunch. (*whispers* Hail Hydra!)

Overall Analysis of This Arc

I mostly stopped the binging at this point. But I forgot how much I liked this run, despite the return of Nathan Scott, rampaging asshole for a half an episode there, and the just sheer mind numbing dullness of Lucas trying to take Dan down. The Naley stuff is good, the Brooke stuff is fantastic, the Andy and Karen stuff is cute and the Jake and Peyton stuff is perfection.

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