You’re Who Now?

So last night was the big Superhero Team Up we’ve all been waiting for!

You know, after the one that happened last week…

And the one that’s happening in May.

And the ones that happen regularly on The CW.

But really, this is the biggest, most important of all the Superhero crossovers hit last night, The Flash crossed over into Supergirl, and everything about it was delightful. Barry found his way to Kara’s Earth. He explained multiversity,  they flirted like crazy, and they took down Livewire and Silver Banshee and then they had a race to break the dimensional portal to get Barry home and also there was ice cream, and Kara kissed James and did I mention the flirting?

Because the flirting was really great. And I only half  mean the flirting between Kara and Barry which was wonderful, I mostly mean Winn’s dude crush on Barry. They got to the nerd part and built things, and created algorithms, and other sciencey things all over the place.

I can’t decide who’s interaction with Barry I liked bet, except that it’s probably Winn’s. But Winn is often my favorite part of Supergirl because he’s basically the same character as Felicity. (I badly want an Arrow crossover just so that these two can interact.)

Anyway, the episode was great and I was smiling the whole time. The only way it could have been better would be if they were singing. (I really want them to sing on this show. Or on The Flash.)

Whatever, it was great! ICE CREAM FOR EVERYONE!

Ice Cream.gif

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