Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 194-195: Body Guards And Such

Happy Batman V Superman Day all! We’ll be talking about that tomorrow, as I’m going to the movie tonight, but for now, let’s check in for the week with our Sailor Friends.

Sailor Stars

So in our first episode we meet Princess Kakyu properly. She explains that the Sailor Guardians have always protected the galaxy from The Chaos, which was sealed away by one Sailor’s might. (Based on the silhoutte in flashback, it’s Mars…but what do I know?) She asks Sailor Moon for help finding the True Light of Hope, and of course Usa is all in, but Haruka and Michiru show up and say that this is a bad idea. So in order to protect Usagi’s star seed from Galaxia, The Inner Senshi decide that round the clock guarding is in order. Usagi gets upset by this and tells them she can handle herself.

She of course, can, but she always needs help…anyway, when she goes off on her own to have a cry about missing Mamoru, she’s attacked by Sailor Kitty Cat…who points out that she complained about having people with her and now she’s crying about being alone. They fight, and Sailor Moon is losing. Until…A ROSE! It’s not Mamo though, it’s Seiya and after the battle is won, she explains that she really wants to see Mamoru and then Seiya asks if he can take his place and kisses her.


Our next episode has Usagi in emotional disarray after all of this information being thrown at her. (No blame) When she gets out of her sad crying bath, Rei is there to remind her that she has someone she loves and Usagi reveals that she hasn’t heard from Mamoru since he left for America and that’s what’s had her so sad. Rei is stunned and immediately tells the others. They learn that Mamo never reached the US…they wonder if he’s alright. (He isn’t…)

Meanwhile, the Starlights have decided to stop living earth lives in order to seach for the Light of Hope with their Princess. They’re giving a farewell concert. It’s quite emotional.

Usagi decides to go talk to them, but Haruka and Michiru tell her she should just be saying goodbye. So she gets backstage and Seiya totally misinterprets this action because, and I know I say this a lot, he is the absolute worst, and tells Usagi that after they’re done here they’re going to run away together.


Anyway, as The Three Lights sing “Search For Your Love” one more time, Galaxia shows up to wreck shit, like the true Beyoncé level Queen Boss that she is. There’s a battle, Princess Kakyu dies.

So we’re very near the end here you guys, but we’re also very near the start of the new season of Crystal, and I’m really hyped for that. I also still have the short stories to read when things get really sad…and as I’ve said before I might dip into the original English dub…We’ll see…

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