Sailor Star Check In: Episodes 192-193: NEW PRINCESS

First of all, Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all! May the road rise up to meet you…etc…

Let’s get talking about Sailor Stars for the week!

Sailor Stars

OK, so our first episode has Minako trying out for an Idol contest. She’s so ready to be a pop star, but she’s also worried that she should be focusing on her Sailor Senshi duties, and this has led to her being extra super duper spacey. She even suggests that she should focus on more of her studies. Everyone is very confused.

Usagi tells her that it’s important to keep her dreams because it gives her something to fight for. Usagi is a really good friend and it warms my heart.

Yaten is one of the judges at the competition and he’s more judging Minako for neglecting her Senshi duties. This rattles her and she screws up a lot. It’s a bummer. She does not get chosen, but she’s undettered.

The “Simon” of this competition, (that is that he’s the producer of the crew, not the rampaging asshole, that would be Yaten…) is the choice for who Sailor Cat and Sailor Starfire are attacking. His Sailor Musician is a very cool foe and the way that they come together is very fun.

Also, I love that this fight ends because Yaten is really annoyed.

Our second story has the girls getting ready for a school festival, where they’re running a cafe, because they have Makoto. And she makes a really cool cake. Also, The Star Lights realize that Chibi-Chibi has some connection to their princess. Because she smells like her.


Anyway, they decide to confront this adorable toddler about their princess which sounds like a terrible plan but whatever.

Meanwhile, Galaxia is totally fed up with Sailor Kitty Cat and Sailor Starfire, when Starfire says she for sure will get the Star Seed and goes right for Sailor Moon. She attacks, while the Star Lights are attacking Chibi-Chibi, and Makoto is protecting Chibi-Chibi, look a lot is going on.

Sailor Moon offers up her Star Seed to save Chibi-Chibi, and Sailor Kitty Cat swallows everyone in a black hole.

There’s so much going on.

As Chibi-Chibi stops the black hole, because she’s a magical adorable toddler, we see The Princess descending from the sky holding Usagi.

Oh, it turns out that Chibi-Chibi smelled like the princess because of an incense holder. Whatever, it’s a terrible plan and the Star Light’s are dumb-dumbs. (Not really, they’re awesome.)

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