Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch Season 2: Episodes 6-10


Music, music, music. And Peyton on coke. We’ll get there.

Season 2: Episode 6: “We Might As Well Be Strangers”

CHRIS KELLER!!!! OK, we don’t know his name yet, but we do meet him this episode. Peyton goes to the record store to hang a flier and he’s there being a jerk…and was Chris originally supposed to be a Peyton love interest? It looks that they’re pushing that way. Anyway, Peyton has auditions for Tric, which isn’t called Tric yet. Everyone is terrible, except Chris and Haley.


Brooke has a yard sale and also she and Felix (Ugh, Felix) become Friends With Benefits and it’s awful and I hate it. I don’t like when Brooke is all cold and unfeeling, it doesn’t suit her. Anyway, Mouth gives her back her dollhouse which sold at the yard sale.

Nathan decides not to go to fancy basketball camp so that he can be with Haley. Dan stares at him ominously about it. Keith and Jules go on a date, and he’s adorable. Also Karen and Andy go on a date to that weird ruin place where Pacey lost his virginity to Ms. Jacobs. (Different show but when ever the locations have such deep Dawson’s connection I can’t help myself) Also Lucas and Anna go on a date and it’s great and I love her.

Season 2: Episode 7: “Let The Reigns Go Loose”

Haley James-Scott rockstar is born. So, Chris flakes on Peyton because he is Chris Keller, massive jerk wad. She sings, everyone loves her, and Haley the superstar wins the night.

Lucas and Felix get into a fight (Ugh, Felix) because he goes off on Mouth, who’s just trying to defend Brooke who gets sad drunk because she has to go discount shopping. Mouth wants to tell her he loves her but decides just to take care of her. We learn that Felix actually got the dollhouse because he clearly has feelings for Brooke.

Karen introduces Andy to Lucas. It’s really nothing special, except Andy is surprised that Lucas is a teenager and not a little kid. Karen admits that she was embarrassed because of her age. Andy says he doesn’t care. Also, Jules calls herself Keith’s girlfriend.

Haley and Peyton see Rick The Promoter guy doing coke again, and I guess Peyton does it again. I know it’s network but it gets confusing that we never actually SEE Peyton do coke.

Season 2: Episode 8: “Truth Bitter Truth”

The girls have their slumber party and Anna recites the Non-Compliant pledge years before Bitch Planet, and I’m “rock on with your bad feministing self OTH!” Of course before that there’s drama. Haley is recording with Chris and not telling Nathan. Brooke has sex with Felix in Haley and Nathan’s bed. Haley blabs about Peyton and the coke. Then they all talk about their feelings and then they have a pillow fight and it’s adorable.

Meanwhile Nathan and Lucas take a road trip to Charlotte to see The Bobcats play. And also to get tested for HCM, the heart defect that Dan has. Nathan gets tested, but Lucas refuses, not wanting to deal with idea of being sick for the rest of his life.

Karen and Andy have sex and Keith gives Jules his keys. Felix admits to Anna that he does have feelings for Brooke after all.

Season 2: Episode 9: “The Trick is To Keep Breathing”

It’s time for formal and everything goes just a little dramatic, but not overly so. I did forget how quietly restrained this season was. I mean, when I think about the later seasons, I know everything is restrained in comparison, but the conflicts in this arc (with the exception of Haley James-Scott Rockstar) are so small and realistic.

Felix has feelings for Brooke and has decided to her, she rejects him, when Mouth tells the truth about her dollhouse and the night at Tric. She tells Felix they’re done because he wasn’t honest with her, and she and Lucas agree to actually be friends, instead of just pretending.

Anna and Peyton get closer and when Felix makes a lesbian crack Anna gets defensive and then throws herself at Lucas, who tells her that he wants to take it slow.

Nathan decides to make the evening of formal really special for Haley, but she decides to work with Chris for the night instead. When Nathan finds out that she lied about working with him he goes crazy and regresses a little bit into Nathan: Rampaging Asshole, spiking the punch with Tim and throwing a party at the beach house and telling Haley that he doesn’t trust her.

Peyton spills some stuff on her dress, which was her mom’s and then almost does some coke, which she then tosses down the drain. What I do like about this story is that Peyton does cocaine once and is tempted to do it again, but doesn’t turn into a rampaging coke-head. Again, the subtlety is really amazing.

Season 2: Episode 10: “Don’t Take Me For Granted”

Everyone is mad at everyone. Brooke wakes up to a broken windshield. She assumes Felix did it after she ended things so she serves him with an invoice. He says he didn’t do it. She doesn’t believe him.

He didn’t though. Mouth did, after Brooke rejected him, he got drunk and angry. He confesses to Lucas who hears him out and Mouth tells Lucas he always thought he and Brooke were a good couple.

Lucas breaks it off with Anna telling her that he loves someone else. He goes to tell Brooke he still loves her, but it’s too late because she’s already decided to give Felix a real shot.

Now into the deepness. Peyton goes to school and finds the word “Dyke” spray painted on her locker. This being the straw that breaks the Peyton freak out back, she goes to school in a shirt with it scrawled and gets herself suspended. When Anna tries to tell her she appreciated the solidarity, Peyton freaks on her, calls Rick but is intercepted by Jake. YAY! Jake is back.

Nathan puts Chris into a wall telling him to stay away from Haley after telling Haley he doesn’t want them to work together anymore.He doesn’t listen and invites Haley to come to New York with him. She shows up at the bus station to go, they kiss. BUM BUM BUMMMM.

Love the Tree Hill Drama

Overall Analysis of This Arc

I like this stretch of Season 2 much better than the first. Mostly because the Anna plot really is strong and feels honest, and the Peyton stuff is wayyy less annoying than it could be. I hate Brooke and Felix so much, but I love Lucas in full on woo mode with Brooke, and I know that’s coming soon. And it’s hard to get away from the pure wish fulfillment that is Haley James-Scott rockstar. You’ll notice I mostly ignored all of the Keith/Jules Dan stuff, because it’s stupid and I hate it.

But to quote Anna, “Tree Hill’s got some drama.”

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