Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 190-191: Outers In On The Game

Sailor Stars

So I feel like these two episodes (and one of last week’s) all fit together into one story. After learning about each other’s identities and Seiya’s injury, the Outer Senshi confront the Star Light’s telling them to A) Stay away from Usagi and B) that they’ll handle all of the earth protecting, thank you very much.

Seiya tells everyone to stop and that he’ll stay away from Usagi. To make sure it sticks, the outers tell Usagi the same thing. She’s not thrilled with this plan. Mostly, she feels like if they could all talk it out, they’d be fine. So, at Seiya’s invitation she goes to the next Three Light’s concert and through their song, I think, she gets a download of their whole back story.

The destroyed planet, the Galaxia thing, the missing princess, the whole deal.

She realizes how sad their story is and that she wants to help. They don’t want her help and apparently her presence makes Seiya extra injured. Or something.

Oh, also, there’s a battle initiated by Sailor Something Metal Crow, who I’m just calling Sailor Starfire, since I realized that her tallness, and orange skin and long red hair remind me of someone.


By the power of X’Hal I’ll Punish You!

Our next episode, the Inner Senshi decide to get the Starlights talking to them by going to  a videogame event and cosplaying. The only one who gets through is Ami, and then they all get beat a lot by whoever Sailor Cat Lady sent and then Sailor Moon shows up, and basically proves to the Star Lights that she’s totally a worthwhile ally.

This is after she spent the whole episode in her bedroom asking Luna if she’s doing the right thing. Also Chibi-Chibi is adorable and it’s perfect and I love her. When everyone reconciles after their big fight, the Starlights notice that there’s something familiar about Chibi-Chibi, that her smell reminds them of Their Princess.

You know what, I can’t with this plot. I have no possible way to keep track of it in my brain.

I can’t believe we’re so close to the ending. I have know idea what I’m going to do when this is over. Mostly from a filling in space perspective. I know there’s plenty of time to figure it out, but nothing’s been grabbing me lately. Anyway, we’ll see.

I know that Crystal is coming. So that’ll help I guess.

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