Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 2: Episodes 1-5


We’re into season 2 now, AKA The Season With No Basketball and so much sex, plus a couple of married 17 year olds. Let’s rock this bitch.

Season 2: Episode 1: “The Desperate Kingdom of Love”

There are only a few sequences in One Tree Hill more compelling than Deb’s nightmare of Dan’s funeral, it’s also such a great fakeout, I can only imagine watching it first run and not knowing if Dan survived.

Anyway, the premiere focuses on the impermanence of Lucas’s change (moving to Charlotte and shaving his head.) and the permanence of Nathan and Haley’s. Now married, they stuck with each other, and with the baggage that entails. It’s a pretty great set up.

Brooke and Peyton’s decision to stop putting Lucas in the middle of their friendship is also a great little bit, and it’s again, such a testament to the friendship between them that is my favorite part of this show.

Besides Naley. I also love all of the wedding stuff. I love meeting her parents, that Huey Lewis is her dad, that they get married in field, just them and her parents.

Then there’s the Dan heart attack stuff, which serves no characters particularly well, except Keith. It’s here that Deb becomes a shrill moron, and I hate it.

Season 2: Episode 2: “Truth Doesn’t Make A Noise”

This is probably my favorite episode in this season. Because I love the Naley wedding reception so much. I love that it’s in the loft of Karen’s Cafe (not yet Tric, I kind of can’t wait for Tric). I love that Deb comes and yells at Haley’s parents. I love Lucas’s speech. I love the line, “My sister in law and in love,” and I love that Brooke and Peyton throw them this party and Brooke is spending the whole party trying to hook Peyton up with random internet dudes.

Also, Dan and Keith mend fences and I can’t remember if this is the time that Dan is faking it and then literally sets Keith on fire, or if it’s one of the times that it’s genuine. And that’s why I’m rewatching the show, because I don’t remember things.

Also I love when Brooke/Lucas/Peyton are friends.

Season 2: Episode 3: “Near Wild Heaven”

Tim is really pouty because he didn’t get to throw Nathan a bachelor party and he is determined to do so. So Brooke decides to throw Haley a shower. Both parties go a little bit off the rails.

Tim promises a stripper, but when cops show up instead (they saw Mouth, Skills and the other guys bring the keg) he winds up arrested. The stripper does show and propositions Nathan.

Brooke hires a party bus, takes Haley to buy some lingerie, then a stripper comes and then they take a pole dancing class. When Brooke’s card gets declined, they all wind up washing dishes at the strip club. Haley goes home and she and Nathan are adorable. Also, this is the beginning of “Broke Brooke,” which is also a lot of fun.

Over in adultville, Dan is still doing his nice guy thing, although he does talk to Deb about sabotaging Nathan and Haley’s relationship. But Keith takes over the dealership and offers Lucas a job. Lucas suggests that Nathan take the job instead. He does. Also, Lucas decides to get to know Dan better.

That’ll end well.

Season 2: Episode 4: “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”

We meet Felix (Ugh Felix, will be replacing “Ugh Nikki” this season) as Brooke wakes up to him swimming naked in her pool. Then at school he hits on everyone and everyone decides that he’s a jack ass. Especially Brooke, who can’t stand him, and Lucas who just dislikes people, mostly.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Keith are bonding and Haley wants a car. He buys her a keyboard instead because even new nice Nathan has really bad decision making skills. Keith offers to help him fix up a crappy car from the dealership.

Dan and Lucas are also bonding and it makes me feel skeevy so I’m pretending it’s not happening.

I hate Felix (Ugh Felix), and he never grows on me. I feel like he was prototype for Rachel. (I can’t wait to get to Rachel) Who I do like, quite a bit.

Peyton pitches the idea for Tric to Karen, who takes to it, and encourages her. She talks to a band manager and does coke and that leads to a dumb Peyton plot line.

Season 2: Episode 5: “I Will Dare”

In this season’s, what I’ve decided to christen “shenanigans episode,” Felix (Ugh, Felix) sends everyone off on a series of stupid dares. It’s a fine excuse to have CMM be basically shirtless the whole episode, give Tim and Nathan a moment to reflect on their waning bromance, and get Mouth to sing a pretty bitchin version of “Baby Got Back.”

It also brings about the only good part of the Ugh Felix storyline, which is his sister Anna. She and Lucas meet and kiss in a photo booth. He doesn’t show the pictures to anyone because he’s Lucas and that’s what he does.

Also, Peyton goes to confession and talks about not wanting to do coke anymore or whatever, and Karen gives her the space to open the club and Karen goes on a date with Andy her professor. Keith meets Jules, who’s buying a car from him.

Overall Thoughts On This Arc

The first few episodes are very effective place settings and then a shenanigans episode. Plus there’s Felix (Ugh, Felix), so I’m never going to adore this arc, or really this season. I forgot what a come down it is from the highs of the end of season 1. The lack of basketball really does rob the show of structure and heart. And the music part of this season that’s meant to be it’s heart hasn’t geared up yet.

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