Happily Ever After, Or Something Close: Downton Abbey Finale

Last  night was the final episode of Downton Abbey.

I’m going to miss this show terribly, but I also felt deeply satisfied by it’s ending. From day 1, Downton Abbey was an absurd soap opera wrapped up in series period trappings and for that I will always love it.

But I was thrilled with the show’s final episode, which, rather than giving us a rollercoaster of drama (my greatest fear), it put a bow on happy endings for all of our characters. Some of those endings were a little bitter sweet (POOR CARSON!) but I was very satisfied.

Let’s go character by character:


Edith got married! To Bertie Pelham! She’s a Marquess and gets to live in a beautiful castle, and everyone who needs to knows Marigold’s whole deal, and her magazine is doing fabulously and she gets to be happy.


Happy. Not miserable, not just about happy with the brass ring snatched away at the last second. HOORAY!


Mary is married to Henry Talbot, who’s perfectly happy to be bossed around, give George, give up racing and open a used car dealership with Tom. Mary is firmly ensconced as the agent of Downton, she’s pregnant again and she even gets to soothe her conscience by helping Edith and Bertie get back together.

Robert And Cora

Get to live out their old age as they like, with Robert even being OK with Cora working at the hospital all the time because Rose told him he has to let her be happy.

Oh and speaking of!


I missed my fave immensely this season, and I was so happy to hear about how great her life in New York is with her adorable husband and her perfect daughter Victoria Rachel Cora. She flits about Downton making every one smile and feel good about themselves, and I really, really missed her.


Married Lord Merton, saving him from certain miserable death of pernicious anemia at the hands of his asshole son and even bigger asshole daughter-in-law. She and Violet marched into the house and dragged him out and it was delightful and perfect. I never knew quite where I sat with Isobel, whether I wanted her with Dickie or Dr. Clarkson. But, I like this ending.

Daisy And Andy

Are going to be together and help Mr. Mason with his farm. (REMEMBER THE PIGS??) Daisy gets a new modern haircut. Andy seems to exist only so that Daisy can get her act together boy-wise. I’m OK with it.


Opens a used car dealership with Henry, who I’m pretty sure he’s more into than Mary is. He and Sybbie have a home at Downton, and he’s getting his flirt on with Laura, Edith’s editor. Who caught Edith’s bouquet! HOORAY!


Has shaky hands and can no longer be a butler. It’s really hard on him and causes him to be even more of a dick than usual. But Mary and Robert want to take care of him because they love Carson. You know who else loves Carson.

Mrs. Hughes-Carson

I refuse to believe that this woman wouldn’t totally embrace the hyphenate. Basically she’s pretty psyched to be retiring to their nice little house.

Anna And Bates

Had a baby! With no complications! In Mary’s bedroom. (Heavens!) Seriously, the only people who deserve a happy ending more that Poor Edith are the Poor Bateses. In my head, his name is Jack. And Mary’s new baby is a girl. (Named Cora Anne) And they find each other in France during WW2, and fall in love! (Sybbie and Marigold and George are around too, but Baby Talbot and Baby Bates are the main characters of this little fanfic)


Gets a new job and it’s awful. So he’s brought in to be the new butler at Downton, which is what he’s always wanted. He’s still, you know, a working class gay dude in rural England in the 1920’s. (Mommy: I wish Thomas would go to Paris. He could meet a nice man there…) But overall there is happy for him in this situation.

There was also smaller things, like Mrs. Patmore and Mr. Mason also getting their flirt on. Mr. Molesly becoming a full time teacher, with his own cottage and Miss Baxter saying basically that she likes him, and of course Violet shutting down Denker and saying she was pleased at Spratt’s advice column.

Just overall, I was happy to see happy endings for these characters I love so much. I’ve always said that to me the truest measure of a great series finale is that it shows that this story is over, but the world as created in this fiction continues on. The Downton Abbey

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