Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 188 & 189: Secret’s Out

Sailor Stars

So the Three Light’s Power Ranger’s rip off movie is having it’s premier on an airplane, because sure, why the hell not? Everyone’s got their tickets, except Usagi, because she’s not in the Three Light’s fan club. She goes to ask Seiya if he’ll give her a ticket. (By the way, SO RELATE to Usagi not being on The Three Lights train until it leads to her being socially excluded.) He doesn’t give her a ticket, which I think is kind of great, because, I mean, she’s made it pretty clear she doesn’t actually care much about The Three Lights (though likes being friends with them). It’s almost like Seiya does actually understand the concept of boundaries, at least when it comes to himself…

Anyway, Galaxia gives Aluminum Siren one last chance because she says that she knows where the True Star Seed is. (In Usagi…obviously…). Galxia is getting reallllll sick of all this foolishness, and also continues to be completely and utterly fabulous. (I adore her.)

So Usagi mopes home and Chibi-Chibi has a letter for her, and it’s from Aluminum Siren, with a ticket to The Three Light’s Premier saying that she intends to challenge Sailor Moon there…GASP! Usagi rushes to the airport and winds up sitting next to Seiya who is STILL NOT GETTING THE SHE’S NOT INTERESTED MEMO! She tries to tell him that something terrible is about to happen and he’s all “Silly Bunhead, I’ll protect you.” SHE DOESN’T NEED YOUR STUPID PROTECTION, DUMB BUTT.

When Siren attacks, everyone puts it together that Usagi is Sailor Moon and that The Three Lights are The Sailor Lights. Everyone is pretty angsty about it, but they defeat The Sailor Flight Attendants (GENIUS, by the way…).

Our next episode gives us the fallout from the previous, which is kind of nice to see for once. Aluminum Siren is killed by Galaxia for her failure and a new Sailor, who’s full name I didn’t get, but who for now I’ll call Sailor Kitty Cat, (I’m really excited about it, Cat Person means we’re probably closer to Luna’s People Body…for more on that, see Nikki See’s Crystal Write Ups…) 

The Senshi are talking about how strange it is that their whole social group are now super heroes. (It’s not you know, completely unprecedented, but it’s pretty weird.) Minako mourns that the guys weren’t honest and Ami points out that they weren’t honest either. Usagi is pretty torn up about the whole thing.

Rei, meanwhile, has been working as a fortune teller, which I’m pretty sure was just an excuse to draw her in gypsy garb and I’m totally OK with that. Seiya comes to see her. He asks about Usagi and she gives him the advice to talk to her. When Usagi comes she first susses out if Usagi is into Seiya or not. (NOT! WHY DON’T YOU PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION???? However, it is nice how protective of Mamoru Rei is. I mean that honestly. I sometimes forget that they dated, but she cares so much for him and it’s lovely.) She also tells Usagi to talk to Seiya and when she tries to they all get attacked and Seiya gets injured and the other two Star Lights tell Usagi to stay away.

And…we’re out for the week. I kind of hate Seiya less this week, but I still find him infuriating.

I can’t believe there are only 10 episodes left. I’m not OK, you guys…I may have to do an instant rewatch. (Probably not, I WILL probably rewatch Crystal before that new season though…)

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