I Read A Book: The Girl On The Train

Girl on The Train

Part of my leave my comfort zone project means that I have to sometimes take on stuff that I wouldn’t normally take on. That doesn’t just mean watching small indie feminist robot movies, which, while not my usual thing, is VERY much in my wheelhouse.

So I decided to read a “blockbuster book” that has nothing to do with teenagers fighting mythical monsters.

Not at all my thing.

But a lot of people seem to be talking about The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins, so I took it on. At first I really enjoyed it. I love stories about suburban ennui and this was very much one of those. Or it seemed like it. With three narrators, Rachel, a divorced alcoholic who rides the train to London every day so that her roommate doesn’t know she’s lost her job. (HEY! I relate to that…not the divorced alcoholic part…but the other part…) Megan, a young newlywed, dissatisfied in her marriage who Rachel becomes fixated on from the train and Anna, the woman Rachel’s husband left her for all explore the feelings of living in the magical in between places where I’ve spent my life.

When this was a story about Rachel and Megan and Anna and how their lives converge and diverge and their perspectives are different I was intrigued. Then Megan disappears and it turns into a mystery thriller and I started rolling my eyes.

For someone who loves procedural mystery television, nothing in this world turns me off faster than a mystery novel. Seriously, I find them so boring. And once I realized that this was what this book was, I was able to anticipate every beat. This is the reason I never read Gone Girl or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, this kind of story does not appeal to me. I get why the book is getting the buzz it is, the triple narrators, the focus on women and their reactions in the story, all of those make it somewhat different, but yeah, just not my thing.

There’s also the fact that the climax, which I won’t spoil, because if this kind of book is your thing, then you’ll really like The Girl On The Train, took me out of it, being just a little bit too over the top.

So there’s that. I’m glad to be back in a reading groove, and it’s been a long time since I read anything that I didn’t love, so I was glad to know that I still had it in me to push through a book that I wasn’t crazy about.

See guys, the expand my horizons project is working!

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