Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 184-185: Search For Your Love

Sailor Stars

God, I love it when these guys get up to normal teenage shenanigans. It’s pretty adorable.

In our first episode, Usagi’s parents are out of town. She’s nervous about it so Seiya (UGH) offers to be her bodyguard for the weekend. (Double ugh) So even though Seiya is all, “Sweet, alone with Usagi in her house,” and Usa’s kind of into it too, Chibi-Chibi causes mayhem to make this a NOT HAPPENING action. The other girls get in on it too, and other Three Lights and even Michiru and Haruka, when their car conveniently breaks down on Usagi’s block.

The “supposed to be an intimate night turns into a party” is one of my all time fave tropes for teen fiction and I’m so glad to see it come to life here. After Haruka and Seiya eye each other suspiciously and give each other some sick burns. (“Celebrities must have a lot of time on their hands.” Gonna need some aloe for that one Seiya!) Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor Can’t Think of The Metal Crow show up and turn the pizza guy into a monster and then they fight etc.

But mostly Chibi-Chibi is pretty great. And Seiya is still a dick and I hate him.

Our second episode, Ami has made friends with a little sick child at the hospital where her mom works and she and Usagi learn that the girl is obsessed with The Three Lights. So obviously, Usagi decides to convince the guys to visit the kid. She only manages to pull Taiki, who comes but is still being kind of a dick, refusing to take a picture or sign an autograph.

First of all, if Seiya is frickin into Usagi why didn’t he want to go with her? Second of all, what kind of a shit head denies an autograph to a possibly terminal child?

I dislike the Three Lights.

Anyway, Taiki has decided he’s bored with singing and wants to cancel a concert because they haven’t sound their princess yet and the other two are like “bro she’s out there, we swear.”

When the sick kid is about to go into surgery she shows Taiki a picture inspired by his music and it’s GASP a picture of their princess. So he shows up to sing anyway. They’re recommitted to finding their princess with their songs.

OK, so that’s where we’re at. I know that final showdowns need to be coming up soon, and I really, really am trying to not get overly nervous about losing out on Sailor Moon. (Not to mention the delightful holding place it’s held in my writing schedule here…) We have seven more weeks and I’m really not ready.

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