Your Friendly Neighborhood Pool Boy


It’s rare that a movie is worth over a decade’s wait. Usually as anticipation builds the overworked product loses meaning.

Deadpool was worth the wait. There’s not a lot to analyze here. It’s a dopey, funny, quotable, hyper violent action movie.

It just so happens that the sociopath in the middle of the carnage is in a red suit and played by a man who was quite possibly created in a lab for this character.

If you don’t know what Deadpool is, basically, he’s a wildly popular Marvel Comics character created in the 90’s. He’s a Mercenary with a heart of gold, who has the unique distinction of knowing that he lives in a comic book world. This allows him to make quips, break the fourth wall and be completely unhinged. Oh, he’s also immortal (his comic’s story discuss him being a test run for Wolverine who went wrong, which is why he’s scarred and terrifying, and again, also insane.)

The movie is perfect. It’s everything that a Deadpool movie should be, complete with in jokes, raunchy sexuality, cussin’, and good god is there a lot of blood.

Aless, her brother Ruben and I were laughing the whole time, and then just repeating, “Oh My God, it was so good,” for about an hour afterwards. Also, it was refreshing to have people actually be able to say the word “mutant.” I’ve been so deep into the MCU

Also the new trailer for Batman V Superman made me excited for it again. This movie is giving me whiplash. I can’t decide how I feel about it. But I’ll be there n

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