Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 182-183: CHIBI CHIBI ON THE SCENE

Sailor Stars
Guys, I’m realizing how few episodes and weeks of the show are left and I don’t think I’m emotionally ready for it. Crystal can’t come back soon enough. (I feel very guilty, by the way, for having this fear of the show ending, much like I do with X-Files, I didn’t have to wait a decade for new material like most fans, due to my lateness…but still…)

Anyway, let’s talk about this week.

We meet Galaxia’s two new girls, Sailor Aluminum Siren and Sailor I can’t remember her name but neither of them are as adorable as Sailor Iron Mouse, so I kind of don’t care. The other reason why I don’t care, is that while I get the conflict with Galaxia and battling evil is important and all, it’s hard to care about any of that when there are adorable pink haired, heart bunned toddlers running around.

Yes, Chibi-Chibi has arrived in all of her myterious, adorable perfection. She basically imprints on Usagi. (She like is Usagi, right? From another dimension, or something? Whatever, she’s so cute!) She also like Seiya, which again, I DON’T GET IT WITH THAT GUY.

Anyway, Usagi and Setsuna fight the new Sailors, but much more importantly Chibi-Chibi and Usagi end the episode snuggling.

Our second episode takes place over summer vacation and the whole gang heads out camping and to a visit to Rei’s moody artist cousin, who obviously gets attacked by Sailor Aluminum Siren and turned into a monster, before our group even gets there.

They hear of a monster attacking locals and kind of dismiss it.

Turns out The Three Lights are shooting a Power Rangers rip off nearby. (What happened to their X-Files rip off?) They decide to prank the girls by having Seiya dress up as a monster and rampage through camp scaring everyone. The plan doesn’t work because the real monster shows up.

Rei and Usagi fight and cure him and all is well.

But much more importantly, Chibi-Chibi goes swimming and causes all kinds of trouble and did I mention that I love her? Just so long as we’re clear on that score I think we can move on.

Other News:

I started reading the short stories, and only got through one, where Chibi-Usa has a vampire in her class and it’s pretty awesome, and great, and I love Chibi-Usa’s school friends so all on board for that. Looking forward to reading more of those!

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