The X-Files 2.0: “Home Again”


A street artist/garbage man creates a gollum to scare off the people who are trying to gentrify a neighborhood in Philadelphia. Instead it tears them to pieces and throws their heads in the trash. They do not stop it. That is the whole X-File.

But it’s not the whole episode. While inspecting the first crime scene Scully gets a call from her brother Bill. Bill informs her that her mother had a heart attack, she rushes back to DC to the hospital and learns that her mother is on life support, and that before she lost consciousness she asked for Charlie, which is the name of Dana’s younger brother.

I did not know there was a fourth Scully child, but it turns out he’s a black sheep and hasn’t spoken to their mother in three years. Dana is stunned, but declares that her mom had a living will to stay on life support. It turns out that she changed that will. So Mulder comes, she’s taken off her respirator, and Scully gets in touch with Charlie to speak to her mother. After coming briefly back to life Mrs. Scully looks at Mulder and says simply, “My son is named William too.”

These are her last words. Scully is very upset, because, you know giving William up for adoption. This lead to this exchange in my house.

Me: GOD! JUST GO FIND THE BABY! Who’s now fifteen.
Mike: And is an alien.
Me: I mean probably…oh no, wait, Spender injected him with something so he wasn’t an alien anymore just a regular baby. (Mike raised his eyebrows at me.) Things got…kind of weird…at the end.
Mike: Uh, yeah.

Here’s the thing that doesn’t make sense to me about the whole giving William up thing. I know it was to save him from Alien cults and what remained of The Syndicate…and Krycheck’s ghost, probably. But why wouldn’t the alien cults find him anyway? I’m just saying the give him up plan is far from fool proof.

Anyway, Scully mourns her mom and tells Mulder that she worries about William. While I’m glad that he’s the emotional focus of this arc, I’d rather they actually be looking for him rather than just getting all emo. That said, this episode made me and my mom both cry a whole lot.

Overall I liked this episode. No Skinner was made up for by a nice goodbye to Scully’s Mom, who was always nice to check in with, and the reveal of a new Scully Sib isn’t a bad consolation prize ever. And the monster was super creepy. I feel like this series has gotten it’s groove and now we have the finale next week and it’s go to be sad and I’m going to miss it.

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