Movie Season 2016: Superbowl Gear Up

The Superbowl last night had me geared up for a few reason.

First of all the Bronco’s won. YAY! Go Peyton! Go Broncos! I’m really excited about that. It was kind of a blow out of a game.

Beyonce and Bruno Mars had a dance off at half time and it was epic. Oh, also Coldplay was there. (Do you wanna know how I know you’re gay?)

And of course the ads were pretty strong this year. But I especially loved the trailers that were trotted out.

Starting with a new Civil War trailer, that, looks pretty bad ass. But at this point they could just show me a picture of Steve staring for three minutes and I’d still be overly psyched about this movie.

X-Men: Age of Apocalypse continues to hook me everytime I see an ad for it. I’m so excited for Olivia Munn as Psylocke and Sophie Turner as Jean. And of course Oscar…even if he’s blue and evil…

Independence Day: Resurgence should be good. I want it to be good. I love Independence Day, it’s just a pure shot of 90’s awesome, like Top Gun is for the 80’s. I hope that Resurgence can live up to it. It probably won’t.

New Bourne movie. Good. New TMNT, um, I still haven’t seen the first one, but this one has Steven Ammell as Casey Jones, and I mean, that’s hard to say no to.

Jungle Book, really does look spectacular and I’m going to need to see it multiple times if it’s any good at all. Jungle Book is tough material to screw up though, it’s such a solid story and Favreau is kind of a genius when he’s got solid material to work with. (See Elf, Iron Man) I’m obsessed with the casting, particularly the little kid they got to play Mowgli.

Overall, I’m excited to go into Movie Season this summer, and as it creeps closer and closer (With two quick early check ins, Deadpool this week and Batman V Superman in a month.) I find myself getting psyched up, the same as I do every year. As usual Movie Season begins with the Marvel stuff.

We’ll check in this week again, as I’m sure a few of these trailers before Deadpool. (Which again, if you live in a bunker is coming out this week. Aless and I are hitting it on Thursday night.)

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