Caffeine Free and…basically the same…

I was having trouble putting my finger on why I’ve been sleeping so well lately. (I’m grateful, mind you…I was an insomniac light sleeper for most of my life.) I knew it was a little bit the running. My body isn’t used to putting out that much energy and so I need to recharge better.

But this morning, as I got myself a glass of water to have with breakfast it hit me.

I’ve cut caffeine out.

It happened gradually. I started limiting my caffeine to a cup of tea in the morning and a soda with lunch about six months ago. This wasn’t a sleep issue, just a realization that for the past decade I’ve lived my life on a steady drop of either coffee of Diet Pepsi, and that’s probably not the best.

The switch from coffee to tea was the first big step. It felt healthier to make the switch and since I drink my tea straight black, or with honey if I’m feeling terribly adventurous, it meant that I was also removing Splenda from my diet. Fewer artificial sweeteners = good.

Then I did the juice cleanse. And so I had my caffeine withdrawal then. And I realized I didn’t need it to get through the day, and now I’m caffeine free, and I’m really excited about it.

That is until it hits 9:30 at night and I can’t keep my eyes open. And then I sleep right through to 6:30 in the morning and it’s pretty glorious.

But I’m most proud of cutting diet soda out. I knew that by drinking as much Diet Pepsi and Coke as I was I was basically just pouring poison down my throat and I’m well rid of it.

I’m excited about this because now I get to be one of those smug healthy people about one things at least.

I’ll never be a vegetarian.

I’ll never be someone who loves exercise.

But now I can smile serenely and so, “Oh no thanks, I do the whole caffeine thing.”

SMUG PARTY OF 1!!!!!!! (Being Smug is my favorite)

3 thoughts on “Caffeine Free and…basically the same…

  1. Obviously you’ve already talked the whole withdrawal but I just read that almonds are a great way to stay energized too. Congrats on the no caffeine thing, that’s great!!


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