Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 180-181: Haruka Does Not Approve

Sailor Stars

The opening of our first episode is possibly my favorite bit of animation we’ve seen so far in this episode. We see the five girls at a bank of pay phones, trying to order tickets to a music festival. I love it. It’s really cool to see how different the girls look even when they’re dressed exactly the same.

Lends a hint of realism.

Anyway, they don’t get the tickets, but then, sadly not in a woosh of rose petals, Michiru and Haruka show up, and it turns out that Michiru is playing the festival, with The Three Lights of all things!

So she gives the girls tickets.

Usagi misses the show because she takes the wrong bus. Of course she does. When she gets there Haruka takes her back stage to say hi to Michiru. Who is having a very sexy moment with Seiya.

I don’t think this is too bad, because I’m pretty sure sexy is just Michiru’s default setting.

Haruka is really upset about it and Usagi is like, miffed, but she doesn’t know why.

Anyway, Chuu, who is actually named Sailor Iron Mouse (whoops!) is told by Sailor Galaxia (FIIERRRCE) that she is running out of chances to find the Star Seed. She tries the conductor of the music festival…its not him. She starts freaking out.

Meanwhile Haruka is not a huge fan of Seiya. Like at all.

Our second episode has Minako going into super spy mode, to try to get a date with Taiki or Yaten, it does not work.

But Seiya and Usagi go on a date, even though she kind of doesn’t realize that’s what happening until Haruka and Michiru tell her so. Haruka also warns her not to lose her virginity to Seiya and…I’m pretty sure that shipped has sailed with Mamoru but sure, Haruka, nice warning.

It’s a nice date. They go to zoo, and eat a bunch of food and ride a roller coaster. Then they go to a club and hang out in a private room and Usagi freaks out because she thinks this means, sex, but they wind up just dancing, and Seiya is confused as to why she’s acting so weird.

Then Sailor Iron Mouse attacks, The Starlights and Sailor Moon Fight her, and Galaxia (QUUEEEENNNN) shows up and tells them to stay out of her way, you know, after she incinerates Sailor Iron Mouse, (RIP, I loved you!) The Starlights are all, “OH NOES OUR GREAT ENEMY! LET’S BE HUGE DICKS TO SAILOR MOON WHEN SHE SUGGESTS WE ALL TEAM UP.”

So Seiya now knows that Usagi is Sailor Moon, and he thinks she might be “That One Person,” or whatever, and Usagi is still totally clueless that Seiya is Sailor Star Fighter.

Much like Haruka, I’m not into Seiya. Like at all. He bugs the snot out of me.

In other news! I ordered the short stories on Amazon. I figured I should have some back up so that I don’t go into full withdrawl in a few weeks when I finish up. (Granted Crystal will be starting up again then…) But I probably won’t be able to wait and I’ll read them right away…

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