Sailor Stars Check In Episodes 177 & 178: What’s Up With Luna/Usagi

Sailor Stars

So Luna gets kidnapped.

Really, that’s the basis of the first episode. OK, so Yaten has signed up for a “Celebrities and their pets” show, despite not having a pet. So, when he encounters Luna, he smiles at her and she, very uncharacteristically trots right along after him.

Usagi and the others are very worried about her but when she meets up with them again, she promises that she’s quite alight, thank you very much, and that she likes Yaten and that’s that.

Yaten, has his own problems, as it were, since a costar, I think, seems to believe that they’re dating in real life, not just in their show, or whatever. Yaten is not interested, he’s waiting for “that one person,” just like the others, except Saiyen, who has a crush on Usagi.

Back on track, Chuu comes, (seriously, I haven’t fallen for a hench so hard since Mimmette…I love her even more than I loved Palla Palla…she has a TARDIS for God’s sake.) and attacks the costar. Then the Senshi come, and Chuu, like, really does not care.

Seriously, I’ve been waiting for an enemy to not just stand there while the Senshi do all of their speeching and she just bolts. They fight the Sailor inside of the costar, save Luna, and Yaten have a moment later. Or, Sailor Star Healer, I guess.

Our next episode opens with Usagi writing Mamoru a letter and noting that he hasn’t written back. She runs into Haruka and Michiru (YAY!) who notice that she seems off and that she’s clearly keeping something secret. Haruka comments that this is unlike her.

She’s back to her old self though when Taiki approaches Makoto about helping him on a cooking show and somehow gets herself invited along. They’re making strawberry shortcake but Mako is a little bit flustered in the cameras so Usagi tries to help.

It doesn’t go well.

Anyway, Chuu shows up, turns the Chef into Sailor Chef. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Star Maker fight and win. Blah, blah, blah.

Michiru and Huraka sense a disturbance in the force, and decide that it’s time to get into this fight. (YAY YAY YAY YAY!)

So Mamo isn’t answering Usagi’s letters because he’s dead right? Or in weird limbo caused by Sailor Galaxia. But basically dead? I’m remembering that correctly? Whatever, I’m going to reread the manga to make sure that I’ll remember it.

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