Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 176 & 177: Nothing’s As Amazing As A Musical!

Sailor Stars

Hey guys! I’m back! Solid food is good. (OK, honestly? I’m writing this after not yet eating again, since I’m writing it on the last night of the cleanse, but as it’s going up I’ll have had breakfast and a mid morning snack! WEEE!!!)

Anyway, let’s talk Sailor Stars, and how much I love it. This week we got to know the Starlights a little better.

It’s amazing how quickly I no longer think that Seiya is a complete tool. I mean, he’s still pretty obnoxious, but we get a bit more about him in the first episode.

The Three Lights are getting ready for a musical, (with song and dance, and sweet romance, and happy endings happening by happenstance…sorry slipped into a little Something Rotten there for a sec…) anyway, Seiya is supposed to be the lead but their director his pushing him hard and he’s convinced she hates him.

The pressure from this causes him to flunk a math test, which Minako and Usagi flunk, not because they’re under any pressure, (I mean, no more than usual) just because well, they’re Usagi and Minako and they’re not great at school stuff. So they all agree to study for the makeup test together, and Rei tries to get in on the action, but she’s way too obvious and turns everyone off.



Anyway, Usagi and Seiya stalk the director instead of studying because, duh, and it turns out she’s a nun at Rei’s school, and she’s only a director in secret because she wouldn’t be allowed or something…

I know I spent nearly a whole episode talking about it, but Sailor Moon really doesn’t get how nuns work. A teaching nun, who’s assigned to teach teenagers? She would be encouraged to do shit like direct a musical. (And nothing’s as amazing as a musical.) I’m getting off topic.

The Nun/Director and Seiya have a chat about why she’s riding him so hard and then get back to work. Then Chu turns her into Sailor Director, and Moon and Mars and Fighter get her back to normal.

Oh, also Seiya totally has a thing for Usagi, but we knew that.

The second episode we learn that Taiki is as smart as Ami! And they’re both friends with an astronomer, who discovered a comet that’s about to make it’s way back to earth. He invites them both to come watch the comet but, Taiki is sort of a dick about it, because he thinks it’s a lot of romance and dreams that don’t belong in science and Ami is horrified by that.

Or something.

I was having trouble following. Anyway, Chuu comes and takes a peak at his Star Seed, which is (Of course) not the droid she’s looking for, so she turns him into Sailor Teacher and Ami tries to fight him, just as Ami, because she can’t transform.

Luckily Sailor Star Maker shows up as well as Sailor Moon and they get the job done.

Next week we’ll learn about the third one, and then I’m hoping Chibi-Chibi shows up because she’s sort of the best, right? (Or is she really annoying in the anime? I fear that…but I adored her in the manga!)

One thought on “Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 176 & 177: Nothing’s As Amazing As A Musical!

  1. Since the first time I watched this episode (177) however many years ago, I’ve never been able to forget that whole: can your dreams and romance stop the rain? bit. I always liked that.


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