The X-Files: I want To Believe


OK, this is really it. I mean it. (I mean, until Monday when I write about the new season.)4

Apparently this movie was made quickly because the writers strike prevented further drafts.

Um, that definitely shows. I Want To Believe isn’t terrible, but it’s definitely messy.

The plot revolves around a kidnapped FBI agents and a purportedly psychic ex priest. The Bureau calls Mulder in to decide if the guy is legit or not. He is. Probably. I mean, it’s X-Files things are left pretty vague.

Mulder and Scully are living on a farm together and she’s working as a pedicatric surgeon. I love everything about this set up, but it does lead to Scully being pretty inactive in the story and doing a lot of stuff that is not a good look on such a previously active character. Mostly she fights Mulder about his darker angels taking over as he works the case.


But the story itself is interesting, especially the fact the the priest is retired due to being a convicted pedophile and this makes Scully furious. (By the way, it’s a really refreshing thing to see in a fictional character who’s established as a practicing Catholic have the kind of rage that most of us had finding out about the cover ups in the past 20 years. It’s always shown as if you couldn’t be horrified and maintain a connection to the church. I have opinions about this, can you tell?) And he is a real psychic.

My favorite part had little to with the actual plot, and not even much to do with the Mulder/Scully relationship stuff (although its awesome!) 

It’s a single moment, where Mulder, after going rogue (obviously), is passed out in a frozen wasteland and wakes up to Skinner, baffled but thrilled. I assume it’s the first time in years these men have seen each other.

So that was fun. And Amanda Peet is in it, and I love Amanda Peet. And Scully is as awesome at being a doctor as she was at being an FBI agent.

I’m looking forward to what the new series is going to look like. I know it’s only six episodes. I know it might mean that I join the ranks of tons of other X-Files fans, where I have to wait five or six years before getting any new X-Files. But hopefully X-Files-Files comes back at least.

Speaking of X-Files-Files, last week Kumail released a conversation he had with David and Gillian, just chatting about the show. It was awesome.

But as I said, I Want To Believe, categorically not awesome.

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