The X-FilesDebrief: Season 8: Hope

The Truth Is Out There

You guys, I did it. It’s finally over. (Well, almost, I’m watching I Want To Believe as I’m writing this.)

I feel as though a massive weight has been removed from my shoulders, and I want to thank my family and friends for putting up with me for the past few months, as I was consumed in the ins and outs of a television show that they’d all finished with 20 years ago. (Give or take)

Anyway, onto season 8, which I liked quite bit, if I do say so myself.

Again, totally would have hated it if I’d been watching it at the time. It’s not the same show. It’s a similar show, but I admire the way they decided to not have it be the exact same show as it once was, because it couldn’t be.

That said the thing I found most frustrating was the way Scully, Reyes and Dogget felt the need to find Mulder.

They don’t really need him.

I mean, when he shows up at the end, I was thrilled and I actually found the finale pretty good. The Trial of Fox Mulder is a good way to go out as well as Mulder and Scully’s final confrontation with The Smoking Man (and hey, Spender comes back! I mean, I hate him, but that was a cool twist.)

I genuinely enjoyed the season though, truly. I like Scully as a mother, as I said with season 7, I like Dogget and Reyes (especially Reyes, she’s such a different feel from Scully and their freindship is so much fun to watch.) But yes, I do agree with most of the world that Super Soldiers are hella dumb. But do you want to know what isn’t? Doggett catching his son’s killer, The Lone Gunmen sacrificing themselves to save the world from a virus, Mulder talking to the ghosts of Krycheck and Mr. X, the reveal that Mulder is absolutely the father of Scully’s baby. (Not awesome? Scully giving the baby up for adoption because alien cults keep trying to kidnap him.)

So, I’m done with The X-Files, well, except the movie. And the six new episodes that start on Sunday. (I’m going to be recapping them each Monday morning. There’s no reason for me to go cold turkey on the X-Files analysis.) I’m glad I took on this project. I’m glad the I finished this project. I’m excited to see what the new series is going to look like. It sometimes felt like I would never finish and my life would just be watching X-Files forever, but well, I did finish, and I’m excited about it. I’m glad for it. I’m glad to have gotten to know Mulder and Scully, for being disappointed in the way things turned out and for finally seeing how influential this show really was on the current entertainment landscape.

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