Most people in my position are going to talk about Alan Rickman today and they’re going to talk about Professor Snape, or Hans Gruber and how this really unique actor touched their lives.

And he meant a lot to me. I loved his Professor Snape. Die Hard is a perfect action movie and he’s a perfect villain in it.

But that’s not how I think of him when I think of Alan Rickman. When I think of Alan Rickman, I don’t want to turn to page 394.

All I can think of is simply, “Oh really, what are you going to do? Hit me with that fish?”

To me, in spite of the countless times I loved this man’s performances, the one that’s always stayed with me, is his portrayal of The Metatron, the voice of God in Kevin Smith’s Dogma.

I was twelve when I first saw that movie and his performance gripped me. Snape came not long after, and in college I discovered the adaptation of Sense & Sensibility where he played Colonel Brandon (It’s probably my favorite straight Austen adaptation, with all apologies to Mr. Firth.)

In particular the actors who were a part of Harry Potter series are going to leave a massive hole in the world. Because as I’ve said before, Harry Potter is such a different animal than anything that came before or after it.

But Rickman and the films he’s been a part of have touched me in such a real, huge way, even outside of that collection of beloved performances. He was the Angel who spoke to my insecurities about my faith. He was the teacher that I hated. He was the gentle and kind friend I wished for. He was the nerd icon I often deserved. He was the cheating husband I hated.

It’s weird to think that we lost these two titans this week, and I feel off my axis about it. Yesterday on facebook, I was more eloquent about it, but I wanted to feel this out a bit more, so thank you all for your patience on this.

Anyway, thank you, Mr. Rickman for all of it. You will be remembered. Always.


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