Sailor StarsCheck In: Episodes 174-175: Huh, this again

Sailor Stars

OK, so we’re getting to know the Three Lights/The Sailor Star Lights, and I mean, Seiya is kind of a dick huh? I mean, it’s clear he’s got a big ol crush on Usagi, and I get that, but she has a maybe fiancé in America, who is probably dead right now, but is also her soul mate. SO MAYBE WE BACK OFF NOW! (I mean, to be fair, Usagi hasn’t shared any of this info with him, she mostly just gets really pissy when he tries to flirt with her.)

Regardless, the first episode is just about how awesome Seiya is at sports. He tries out for every team and is great at it.

I find this character infuriating.

Then Chuu shows up (I love her, she’s super adorbs.) and turns the quarter back of the football team into a Sailor, when she notices that his “star seed” is not the one she needs. It’s pretty great and I love it.

Also, while Usagi is very over the Three Lights and everyone at school being obsessed with them, the other girls are annoyed with her, because she is antagonizing Seiya and they looovvveeee hiiimmmmm.

I’m rarely on Usagi’s side against the other four, but I mean seriously, dude is being a massive tool.

So the Sailor Starlights show up and tell the Senshi that they’re useless, which, huh, I guess your a dick in Sailor form too, huh?

I will give the Starlights/Three Lights this, they are much better about hiding their identities and being blantantly obvious as mysterious allies/possible antagonists than some other people were. (*couch*Mamoru/TuxedoMask*cough*Haruku/Sailor Uranus*cough*Michiru/Sailor Neptune*) But it’s still like ridiculously obvious.

The second episode was about Minako deciding to be the Three Lights’s assistant in order to get better positioned to be a pop idol herself.

This is not the worst plan Mina’s ever had, and she’s actually a competent assistant. She gets on the wrong side of a photographer, but they make up in time for Sailor Venus and Sailor Moon to fight her when Chu turns her into a monster.

The Starlights show up again, and win the fight, and we see Usagi use “Sweet Heart Honeymoon Therapy Kiss” which is the most ridiculously unwieldy Sailor Moon attack yet, but whatever. Then they peace out and Usagi is all “but are you on our side?” and of course she’s just doing it in that weird voice over to no one, so they don’t answer. (dicks)

Minako quits her assistant job and gets back on the audition circuit rather than short cut the line. Good for you Minako!

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