The X-Files Season 8 Debrief: That…wasn’t awful

The Truth Is Out There

OK, I’m gonna go out with a controversial opinion here.

I think that Season 8 is better than Season 7.

And I like Agent Doggett.

And Agent Reyes.

And Skinner actually being in on shit is fun.

And Krycheck doing stuff is great.

And Scully gets to be Mulder for a little while.

And she has a baby, that I think might be Jesus? Seriously, who’s the dad? I mean, it doesn’t matter, exactly, but I’m curious. I’m pretty sure the only time in the eight years we’ve gotten to know her, Scully’s only had sex with that murderer with the talking tatoo and maybe Mulder once?

And Mulder is not the father of her baby right?

I don’t know, it’s confusing.

Back to all that stuff that people told me sucked but I actually think is pretty great. Like Agent Doggett. Robert Patrick is a refreshing presence on The X-Files because it’s been a while since anybody looked around and said, “Seriously, what the hell is up with you people?” and wasn’t openly antagonistic.

Like he’s on Scully and Skinner’s side. He’s all for The X-Files, and finding Mulder (who was abducted by aliens and almost converted into a Super Soldier, which, OK, fine I agree with you internet, the Super Soldier thing is pretty stupid.

But I mean, other than that, this is a way better season than the one that preceded it. It actually made sense for one thing.

Anyway on to Agent Reyes. Hey! Here’s something that a season of The X-Files hasn’t really done since Scully’s sister died! Passed the Bechdel test in multiple episodes. Reyes and Scully get to be bad ass and solve crimes together and I think that’s pretty great! Also they deliver her baby in a cabin, old school style because they are bad ass awesome ladies. And she’s a little bit psychic. Which even Mulder rolls his eyes at.

And Krycheck is back, which, given that CSM is now dead, he’s as good as anyone as a big bad. He’s earned it. And Adam Baldwin! Who I know we’re supposed to hate now, but I mean, Jayne! John Casey! Same character as John Casey who’s name I can’t remember here!

Basically, I am OK with this season. It’s not say, Season 3 or 4 level good, but it’s totally solid.

Now onto season 9. 19 episodes. And a movie. I have 10 days.

I can totally do this.


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