Dance The Magic Dance


Mandatory Credit: Photo by Richard Young/REX (100574d) David Bowie DAVID BOWIE AT THE CANNES FILM FESTIVAL – 1983

I was going to get up early and write about the Golden Globes but then I woke up and logged into facebook and saw that David Bowie died.

I was stunned.

Just on Friday, Mary and I were wondering if he would tour for his new album. (We guessed probably not, but hoped so. Now um, obviously we have an answer, I guess.)

My brother, my sister and I were weird kids. Not in the way that you think of weird kids. We weren’t outwardly weird. We weren’t goths, or punks, or socially awkward and withdrawn. (I mean, I was a little but only in comparison to my hyper social family.) We were just weird.

Or incongruous I guess. My brother was a showtune singing lineman. My sister was a straight edge emo kid. I was a preppy nerd.

And David Bowie is the patron saint of weird kids. Because he reinvented himself so much, because he was himself and nothing less, because his music was idiosyncratic and unique and so it spoke to weird kids.

Bowie is lay on a carpet close your eyes and listen kind of music, and it’s something I haven’t done in a while. (Though will probably do with Changes tonight, as it’s my favorite album) (Oh, don’t act shocked. Everything about me points towards that being my favorite Bowie album)

Anyway, all that said, that David Bowie was a singular artist and he will be deeply missed

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