The X-Files Debrief: Season 7: So, definitely no Truth then?

The Truth Is Out There

Fine, I get it.

You all warned me.

So many people said, “just don’t watch after season 6, it doesn’t matter, it all starts to fall apart then anyway.”

I should have listened. But noooo, I have to watch everything, for reasons I can’t even explain to myself anymore.

Which kind of explains Mulder and Scully still working on The X-Files after Mulder communes with the ghost of his sister.


Samantha Mulder is a ghost.

She died a few years after her abduction. Fox got to read her diary.

It’s the lamest resolution ever.

But anyway, the season ends with Mulder abducted (Bye Mulder…), Skinner believing in aliens and Scully pregnant.

Oh! And Krychek kills the CSM, which, given everything that he’s been through seems fair.

Anyway, I’m going to push through to the end.

Yes, I do understand that it’s probably going to hurt, but I can do it. I’m tough.

And Scully’s going to have a baby…that’s worth like a million year’s worth of terrible to me.

Babies are my favorite!

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