Sailor Stars Check In Episodes 170-171: Through The Looking Glass

So that I don’t fall even further behind than I already am, I’m going to be reporting in on Sailor Stars two times this week. That way I can keep chugging away (I actually watched all four in one night because I adore this arc).

Sailor Stars

Although I’m loving everything we’re seeing, it’s very jarring to be moving as quickly as we are here. As is the new song, which will not leave my head, but is just such a different feel from the other.

Anyway, Nehelenia takes Mamoru to her palace and sends him into a nightmare space. This weakens Chibi-Usa substantially because if her parents never get together, well, she doesn’t exist and the paradox destroys her.

Back To The Future rules! I knew it!

So, as everyone frets over her, Usagi declares that she’s gonna go get the love of her life back and starts crying, which transforms her into Sailor Moon Eternal, but without all that nifty “control over her powers” that she really needs. She winds up stuck in Nehelenia’s nightmare world, but the rest of the Senshi vow to go after her.

I just have to say I was not even remotely ready for the amount of feels I was going to have during this arc. As Ami and Uranus run to find Usagi, Ami has a flashback to when she was a tiny little nerd, and all of the other kids excluding her because she’s so busy with cram school, but when she uses physics to help them with basketball, she remembers that math can help and tries to use it to fight Nehelinia but it doesn’t work and she and Haruka both get trapped in a mirror.

Meanwhile, Mars and Neptune (Ugh, swoony perfect dream team there!) are also searching for Usagi and Rei is getting a pretty damn big inferiority complex, and who wouldn’t we all know Michiru is the best. Anyway, Nehelina traps them by catching Neptune which makes Mars unable to attack without also hitting her teammate. She won’t do that. But they’re toast.

In brighter news, Venus and Pluto are all, “Get shit done,” they still lose, but they fight the hardest, beating off a hoard of naked glass Nehelinas before being dropped in a gulch by the real thing (and imprisoned in mirrors obviously.)

Meanwhile Usagi is having a very important Alice In Wonderland moment wandering through a field and having a very frustrating conversation with some talking flowers who then hypnotize her Wizard of Oz style to stay put rather than finish her quest. Luckily Jupiter shows up and sacrifices herself on the altar of Usagi’s pure friendship to wake her up and Usagi has to climb through a forest of thorns to get to Nehelina’s palace.

When she returns home she’s threatened by the two littlest Senshi, Chibi-Moon and Saturn to cut the shit already. 

I’ll post the next two episodes on Thursday to get all caught up and back on schedule! But I am excited to be! The Holidays were busy and joyous and I’m so glad to be back in a normal groove with stuff!

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