2015: It’s Been A Year

So, 2015 is ending today and I have stuff…I guess.

2015 was a big year for me. When I recapped 2014 I stuck to fandom, but I’m not feeling like doing that this year since very little has changed on that front this year. With the exception of The X-Files (Ohhh, X-Files) There was very little new in my fangirly world this year and that’s OK.

Here are some big steps that I did take:

  1. I went on two self planned and financed vacations, and they both meant a great deal to me. I learned a lot about myself from these trips, but mainly that following through on something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time is immensely satisfying and that piano bars are the best. (the best.) I also learned that while I certainly can enjoy vacationing alone, it’s much better with a buddy. (Thank you infinitely to Juli for being that buddy…I hope we have many more trips, large and small ahead of us.)
  2. I prioritized my mental health. I’m still not in therapy. I should be. (I know, I know…) but by making sure that I took myself out of stressful situations, standing up for myself when I felt it necessary (even to and especially to the people I cared about.) and pushing through to be even just functional on bad days, I made enormous strides, and recognizing the reasons I was in a funk when the funk came, I was better able to logic my way through rather than just declare, “I feel crappy, and will now stop going to work!” Progress!
  3. I stayed in the same job all year long. I have never done this before and it’s a big win for me! GO ME! Actually in April I will have been at my job for two years. This is insanity. I suppose it’s what adulting feels like.
  4. I paid off my credit card. Then used it to go on vacation. Then paid it off again. I was planning another trip for the winter, but realized I’d rather put that money towards a security deposit on an apartment that will be not my parents’ house. I am going to Nashville to visit my cousin at college though. But I’m not paying for that. I mean, I would have but my mom has miles.
  5. I  performed in front of an audience again for the first time in years. It was amazing and terrifying and it made me feel great. I have to remember that that is something I love.
  6. I found a new favorite writer! I mean a part of my heart will always belong to Jen Lancaster, who I’ve actually been rereading a lot lately. But as I reread I was still thoroughly entertained but realized, “oh, this isn’t really my world view anymore.” Emily V. Gordon though, shares much more of my worldview. So, now I’ll probably obsess about her for a few years before briefly embarrassing myself at one of her events and asking her which Avenger she’d like to make out with…actually I’m pretty sure that Emily’s covered that. (Also she and Kumail are writing a movie about their early relationship, when she was in a coma etc. AGH, I love them.)
  7. I…didn’t really date…at all…I mean, I met dudes, but no dating. I’m mostly OK with this, because I was focused on a million other things that were more important to me. But still, I should probably do more of the dating thing in 2016. Pretty much because I found myself crying in a bar a few weeks ago about being lonely and I’m guessing that wouldn’t have come up if I were 100% OK with the not dating thing…(Thank you to Mary for dealing with me crying in a bar by yelling at me that I’m an idiot and then hugging me a lot and apologizing for yelling at me. You are a good sister.)
  8. I started commenting fairly regularly on The Mary Sue, which while a fairly safe space was still a huge step forward for me internet-wise. The thing is though, not many of my friends are into Steven Universe and I have to flail about it somewhere. (Also, friends GET INTO STEVEN UNIVERSE) But I’ve been very active over there lately with Star Wars talk. I have little posting friends, people who I’m interesting in hearing their opinions, and who I think like mine. It’s pretty great.
  9. I became really close to my cousin’s wife Kristi, who I’ve always gotten along with, but for some reason, we’d never clicked as more than a pleasant conversation here and there at holidays. This year that changed, and I now count Kristi as one of my closest friends and since we’re stuck with each other for life, it’s nice to have that. Sean, her husband, I also like a lot. But not as much. (Sorry Sean!) New friends are always exciting, but when they’re related to you it’s the absolute best
  10. I started going to smaller Comic Conventions and again, did it alone. (I even have one coming up in a few weeks!) That was big thing this year, just doing things that I wanted to do, even if no one wanted to do them with me…and I’m really glad that I did!

Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you have a good night and here’s to new beginning!

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