Star Wars…nothing but Star Wars…

The past few days have been very busy and I’m very tired and I haven’t had much of a chance to nerd out over something that isn’t Star Wars, because I was with my cousins and that was all we talked about OK?

I mean besides real life.

But you don’t want to hear about my real life.

So, here’s what I’ve gathered from informal conversations with my various cousins.

  • In general it would seem that my cousins think that Rey is probably Luke’s daughter, but as a whole, they hope that she isn’t. Everyone is way more on board with the idea that she is a Kenobi.
  • Everyone is on board with Snoke either being Plaigeous or Palpatine.
  • Kylo Ren is a little shit, but we think he’s an effective character.
  • Rey is not a Mary Sue, or if she is, we don’t care. We like her a lot.
  • The group is split on Finn. Some want him to have The Force, others do not. (I do want…for the record.)
  • Everyone is holding up OK in their mourning over Han. We all knew it was going to happen. That doesn’t make it hurt less.
  • Going forward, we would like Force Ghosts. Also Lando. And Wedge. To quote my cousin James, “Why was Poe not Wedge’s kid? I mean, he’s basically Wedge.”
  • We all love Poe.
  • Poe and Finn are in love. This is not head canon. This is not mindless shipping. This is a fact.
  • Leia’s going to die. (I am less convinced of this.) She’s definitely going to redeem Ben though. (I call him Ben in this instance because I doubt his mother thinks of him as “Kylo Ren.”)
  • Luke left Rey on Jakku. I wasn’t totally sold on that immediately. I still think it might have been Ben. But no one else seems with me on that.
  • General thought, “I don’t want Finn to be related to Lando or Mace Windu because, racism, but I do because I would like to see either Lando or Mace Windu…”
  • Seriously. Wedge Antilles. We want to see him. (I didn’t know that this was something I wanted until I started talking about it with other people…)

Anyway, if you’re thinking that you’re bored with all my Star Wars talk, you probably weren’t around in the early days when all I talked about was Batman. I’m sure I’ll move on to something else soon. Or I’ll try to.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars…nothing but Star Wars…

  1. My friends and I all wish that Kylo killed Finn along with Han. That saber slash in the woods was brutal, and Finn is honestly not a very interesting character (and what character traits he does have create massive plot holes in the movie, so it’d be great if he just died despite how enthusiastic Boyega’s performance was).


    • Interesting! I loved Finn! I thought he was adorable, with his just emerging from brainwashing and clearly being in love with Poe (seriously, I’m not letting that go.)

      The movie is absolutely riddled with plot holes, but I don’t know that they’d be better if Finn wasn’t in it. He’s a pretty great character and injected most of the humor to the stories.


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