Sailor Stars Check In: Episodes 168 & 169: Everyone Listen To Saturn!

Sailor Stars

Special “All I want to do is talk about Star Wars, but I can’t just do that so we’re doing Sailor Moon early,” Post! HOORAY!

So, there’s a mirror shard in Mamoru’s eye that’s allowing Nehelina to control him, and she’s making him behave like a total dick.

I feel like we’ve seen this before. Anyway, Usagi is sad because she doesn’t know why Mamo is being a dick, and I don’t blame her because clearly she thought they were past all of that, and everytime Chibi-Usa doesn’t dissolve Back To The Future style, it’s proof that they’re happy ending is destined to happen.

I think.

I’m still not clear on the time travel rules in the Sailor Moon universe.

Anyway, Setsuna, Michiru and Haruka bring Hotaru home and talk about what they’re going to do with her. Also, Haruka gets all meta and wonders if perhaps they are all just characters in a sci fi story and that’s why all this weird shit is happening and Michiru is like, “baby, maybe not with the depressing stuff.”

Then Hotaru has a dream and Sailor Saturn awakens and she’s great.

Meanwhile the inner Senshi battle some of those naked glass Nehelina’s and are getting their adorable little booties kicked until the outers show up and everyone is just psyched to see them. (So was I, you guys, so was I…) and then Saturn reveals herself and gives everyone outfit upgrades and Usagi gets that sweet ass layered skirt and pink puff sleeve costume.

Also angel wings.

Like I said last week, Sailor Moon Eternal has a lot going on and I’m still not totally sold on it.

They defeat the Nehelina Clones, but you know, she has Mamo in thrall or whatever, but at least he apologized for being a dick.

Second episode!

Mamo, still being a dick. And everyone is obsessed with their reflections. The Senshi learn that it’s Nehelina that’s doing this but then she takes Mamoru, and Chibi-Usa.

And…that’s pretty much the episodes.

OH, and Rei tells everyone that she’s been having weird visions of shadows coming out of mirrors and that…feels like a detail you might have wanted to share, Rei, as last time you didn’t tell everyone about your ominous visions, bad things happened.

Your friend group all have

Next week we get some kind of flashback to tiny little baby Ami, and I love that.

Look, I’m just really happy that after fifty some episodes with no outer senshi, we’re now just getting slammed with them in all of the episodes and it’s great.

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