Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of The Sith

OH, Episode III, you beautiful, bloated delightful mess of a melodrama, you.

I have a completely unfounded and ridiculous love of Revenge of The Sith. I know that by any objective scale it is not good, a solid fourth (or fifth depending on your Phantom Menace opinions) in the series, but I still love it all.

I love the final light saber battles between Obi-Wan and Anakin and Yoda and Sidius. I love Anakin’s ridiculously contrived turn to the dark side. I love Padme’s absurd hairstyles. (This is in all three movies, but it’s even more obvious here. Also, I miss Natalie Portman’s curly hair.) I love, “I saw him, killing younglings!” and “From my point of view the Jedi are Evil.” and every inch of terrible, clunky dialog.

But mostly what I love about Revenge of The Sith is the way that it moves everything into place, and completes a circle. The movie literally ends with Owen and Buru holding baby Luke as Tatooine’s twin suns set.

I’m still a little annoyed that the desert planet that we’re going to be seeing in The Force Awakens isn’t Tatooine, but some new planet. Tatooine is where this all began, it’s an important place.

But that’s another topic, I really can’t stress enough how amazing Ewan McGregor is. I’m a big fan and have been for years, but rewatching these movies has really reminded me how exceptional he is. And how much I hope he gets a part in the upcoming anthology films.

The Order 66 sequence and the purging of the Jedi temple have, pretty much since the movie’s release been considered the high water marks of the Prequels and it’s for good reason. It’s a heart wrenching sequence, (made only more emotional from having watched a bit of The Clone Wars, and knowing more about those Jedi and the troops that turned on them.) Christensen is better here than in Clones, but only marginally, and it really does seem like at this point, Natalie Portman was phoning it in. She is really bad in this one, and at this point, it’s hard to call it simply awkward. (Although she does get one great moment, “So this is how liberty dies, to thunderous applause” is a good line, and she delivers it with deep conviction and horror.)

Anyway, as it stands we’re moving into the good stuff. You have to eat your vegetables before you can have desert right? Or like, sit though shitty bread service before eating the main course? I don’t know, this metaphor got away from me…ONTO THE ORIGINAL TRILOGY!

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