Sailor Moon Super S Check In: Episodes 164 & 165: Golden Shiny Things

Super S

After being really sad and junk about the state of our nation (are we a nation of states? #Hamiltunes!) let’s get back to the fluffy pink sparkles of Sailor Moon S.

Or you know, the depressing death of a dream king.  God, I need to finish reading Sandman. Anyway…

I think the shiny Macguffins are my favorite part of Sailor Moon. This season with the Golden Crystal, previously the Holy Grail, before that Legendary Silver Crystal, you know, all of that.

We’ve got our Golden Crystal now, and Nehelina is pissed that she can’t use it, but she does have Chibi-Usa and Helios trapped in those weird spider web thingies of hers. We also learn that The Amazoness Quartet decided to serve Nehelina out of boredom.

I love them.

In other news Mamoru woke up and the cats told him the Nehelina backstory that makes no sense, and then he found himself in The Dream World and has a chat with Helios about dreams that never die.

Meanwhile, on the dark moon, Usagi and The Senshi are fighting like crazy, and I don’t think I’ve mentioned how much I love the animation of the new attacks. It’s really beautiful. Usagi is not giving up and it’s really really cool to see, this is a huge difference from the girl who used to whimper and cry if she broke a nail. Yay character growth!

So, Helios decides to use what’s left of his dream magic to wake up Chibi-Usa sleeping beauty style and it’s pretty adorable, then he dies, sort of and Chibi-Usa gets her Peter Pan on, calling out to all the people of earth to clap their hands and say, “I do believe in fairies!”

I’m kidding, sort of. She does ask everyone to “Believe in Beautiful Dreams,” and that’s basically the same. So the people of earth chant creepily and Helios comes back and Nehelmina FREAKS and the episode ends.

So that happened. Still loving this story now that there actually is a story, but I am so ready to move on. I can’t believe that we’re about to finish this arc and move on to the final one. I’ll talk about that later though, when we actually finish.

In Good Watching Protocol news, I treated myself to an Amazon Fire Stick on Black Friday and it came on Tuesday. I’ll now no longer have to sacrifice my laptop for an hour to watch, which means I’ll be more likely to watch promptly, which will be good!

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