The Martian: I read A Book!

So, in order to keep myself engaged in what I want to be reading, and give some accountability, I’m going to do a weekly, “What I’m reading” column. I’ll check in and analyze what I’ve been reading and what I think of it! YAYYY!!!!

This week, I’m getting around to reading The Martian. It is delightful. I’ve been finding myself giggling multiple times, and I’m loving the details that aren’t gotten into in the movie.

Mainly, I want to talk about the character of Mark Watney and how amazing he is as a character.

It would have been very easy to create a character who was impossibly smart, good and easy to root for in this situation. And it’s true, Mark is easy to root for. And he’s pretty smart, but he’s also a little bit cranky, a lot of bit chatty and sort of annoying at times.

This makes him a way better protagonist than someone who’s never wrong and does everything perfectly.

But here’s the thing, that I also loved about The Martian the movie, this story oozes positiveity and hope, and that all comes from the tone of it’s main character. The story isn’t perfect, but that’s what makes it wonderful.

But I knew that after the movie. I liked seeing the little changes, stuff like Mark losing communication with NASA in the third act, was an awesome twist that worked well in the novel, but I can see why it was changed for the film version.

Also, and I’ve heard people say it before, and I completely agree, that The Martian was cast perfectly. Everyone fit their rows to a tee, and it’s rare that you see something like that, but especially a match like Mark Watney and Matt Damon. It is exceptional how good for the part he is, and I’m really grateful for it.

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