Wintercon 2015: The Legend of The Red Bus

Aless and I went to Wintercon this weekend and it was really pretty fun, but tiny and a pain in the ass to get to.

Here’s what we did.

Saturday morning I got on a train in New Jersey at 8:20, which got me to New York City by 9:30. The shuttle to Resorts World Casino  New York, which is all the way out in Queens, was at Grand Central Station and leaves on the hour every 2 hours.

This would be great, and perfect if trains from New Jersey went to Grand Central, but they don’t, they go to Penn Station, which is about a 20 minute subway ride from Grand Central.

So, the 10 AM shuttle was out, but we were staying in a hotel near Grand Central that was able to get us into our room at 10:30 in the morning. (Thank you, The Lexington Hotel on 48th Street and Lexington, you were nice and accommodating, and very comfy!) And we got on the bus at noon, (Dressed as Princess Leia and Rey, SO MUCH FUN!)


Aless as Rey!


We walked around and shopped and chatted with people (so much Star Wars, but I’m sure that’s mostly a timing thing.) Then we spent like four hours just gambling and hanging out at the bar, because there just wasn’t a lot happening at this convention.

Rather than go out, we got back to the hotel around 9, and passed out watching Bridesmaids.

Yesterday, we once again climbed on the shuttle, this time at 10, me dressed as Wonder Girl, Aless as normal human.

Wonder Girl

Me as Wonder Girl!

Again, small convention, not a lot going on but there as a Nichelle Nichols solo panel and that was really cool! Did you know that she was going to leave Star Trek but Martin Luther King Jr. told her not to? I did not know that, and it’s awesome.

Then we went out to dinner (back in the city, make 4 rides on the big red bus.)

The lesson here? Small Cons, mayyybbee just 1 day, because otherwise I end up spending too much money on ciders.

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