The X-Files Season 6 Debrief: The Truth is BONKERS!

The Truth Is Out There

I thought that season five was full of silly digressions and light plot, I was not even a little bit ready for the joy that is Season 6.

I’m talking about flashbacks, and water monsters, the Bermuda Triangle creating an alternate world where Spender and CSM are Nazis (and also maybe Skinner? Man, I cannot pin that guy down), the conclusion of The Lone Gunmen story, a tribute to Groundhog Day, and a two parter where Mulder switches bodies with a Man In Black played by Michael McKean.

There’s a lot going on, I guess is the point, but it’s still pretty great. I was prepared for the mythology to lose some strength, and it is getting hard to keep track of who’s on who’s side these days. Seriously, what is going on with Skinner and Krychek? Skinner is reporting to Krychek. And Krycek was working for the Syndicate, who are probably dead, but Krychek isn’t, and I thought he was working with the Rebel Aliens, now known as the faceless rebels.

Also The Cigarette Smoking Man killed Spender, which is great, because, and I cannot stress this enough, Spender is a terrible, boring, annoying and useless character. But it was also not mentioned again, not by anyone, including Mulder and Scully who got their X-Files job back because of it.

Oh! And remember that I was complaining in the movie that Mulder never gets some weird medical problem from interacting with aliens? This season finale he does! An ancient alien artifact makes him lose his mind. At last! Parity!

But let’s talk about my favorite episodes, because there were three of them and I loved them a lot.

  • “Dreamland 1 & 2” are amazingly good, of course I keep thinking about The Thrilling Adventure Hour and their absolute refusal to do a body swap episode. But it’s so funny and oddly touching and is a shipping dream. (Even if it wasn’t really him, the idea of Mulder and Scully getting it on in a water bed is the kind of stuff fanfic dreams are made of!)
  • “How The Ghosts Stole Christmas,” which features Ed Asner and Lilly Tomlin as a pair of long dead lovers who haunt a house in Maryland and draw Mulder and Scully to them to repeat their murder suicide. They obviously don’t follow through, but it’s crazy good.
  • “Arcadia” is another fanfic dream factory, with them posing as a married couple in a creepy suburb that accidentally summoned a demon that eats people who deviate from the norm. It’s a delight.
  • And then there’s “The Unnatural” where a grey alien transforms himself into Jesse L. Martin in the 1940s because he loves baseball so much. This presents the second original Rent cast members who has been on the show. (Anthony Rapp was on back in Season 3, I think.) Also, Tiny Baby Beautiful Jesse L. Martin. Playing baseball. And also, he’s actually an alien. And it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

OK, so we’re through season 6. I’ve got three more seasons to push through. Jessica Jones did it’s job as a bit of an antidote, but I did spend most of my Sunday after Thanksgiving recharge time watching the back half of this season. I’ll see how I do with Season 7, I started it already, and I have just over a month to get through these three seasons and the movie, I know I can do it, but it’s going to take commitment.

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