The X-Files Debrief: Season 4: GOOD LORD THE SHIPPIPNG!

The Truth Is Out ThereThe Truth Is Out there friends and the truth is super sexually frustrated.

Season 4 is like a shippers dream, and again, I realize that X-Files fandom invented the concept of shipping. But my God, Scully has cancer and Mulder alternates between sitting tearfully at her bedside and running around trying to find a cure for her cancer.

Because of course Scully doesn’t have normal cancer, she has super untreatable cancer that was given to her by aliens and possibly the government.

Because this show is a delightfully wonderful gift to the world.

But since we’re talking about Scully’s alien cancer, let’s reiterate, Dana Scully is my queen. She is wonderful. Gillian Anderson is an unbeatably amazing actress and the way she makes Scully an actual character, rather than just a series of questions (an easier thing to do) and that she was given scripts and storyline to do that with is so rare and cool.

Also Duchovney. Still with the love, all over the place.

Plot wise, Skinner is working for The Smoking Man again. GASP! This is just to help get a cure for Scully but Mulder and Scully didn’t know that and they felt very betrayed by it.

Poor Skinner. Always trying to do the right thing and always get just an eensy bit screwed.

And did I believe at the end of the this season that Mulder was actually dead? Of course not, first of all I know that David Duchovney didn’t leave the show for two more seasons. Second of all, I know that he’s in the revival. Not that being dead would stop characters on this show from being on it…but I digress.

I also am already halfway through Season 5. Which is a bit shorter, and very cool, but I’ll talk about that next week, or possibly later this week. It all depends.

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