Sailor Moon Check In: Episodes 156 & 157: Pegasus is a Catfish

Super S

So, plot wise here’s what happened in these episodes:

Chibi-Usa and Usagi met an artist/Chibi-Usa classmate who have fallen on hard times/want to build a Wright Brothers style aircraft. The two Amazonesses that I don’t know attack the artist/classmate. In the first one, the Usas get into a fight, in the second Chibi-Usa gets into a fight with Pegasus. In the end everyone wins and we learn that the Moon Twins actually really love each other a lot, even though they fight.

OK, so with that out of the way, let’s focus on the fact that Pegasus, despite probably loving Chibi-Usa and knowing that she loves him, is the worst, and decides that he’s going to stop showing up to talk to her because she’s been asking him too many personal questions.

You know, really invasive stuff like, “What’s your real name?” and “Where is this dream dimension where you claim to live?” and “Can we meet in person maybe?”

I’m just saying that if the internet had been a bigger thing back then, I feel like someone would FOR SURE tell Chibi-Usa that she was being Catfished and that her flying horse boyfriend was probably some chubby neck beard in his parents basement.

I know he’s actual a fairy prince or something, but still, he’s being super sketchy.

I really can’t wait for this arc to be over. I liked the switch to Chibi-Usa at first, it made for a nice change, but things have just gotten dull, and oh yea, we haven’t had the outer senshi, who make everything better.

Hell, we haven’t even seen Diana in a few episodes.

Luckily I did notice that most of the seasons cap at about 40 episodes and this was episode 37. So, hopefully we’ll be moving on soon. Or at least get some plot.

Any plot.

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