Sailor Moon Check In: Episodes 154-155

OK, we’re back on track, watching episodes in a good time frame, not late at night when I can barely keep my eyes open.

Anyway, let’s get into this week’s episodes.

Super SIn our first episode, Chibi-Usa’s friends are getting ready to put together a festival for their former pre school. Chibi-Usa didn’t go to pre school, being that she’s a magical future moon child, who’s actually 900, but she wants to help anyway, and tries to enlist the disinterested Senshi.

Disinterested until they meet the pre school teacher, Mr. Kinjo who happens to be quite sexy or whatever. Minako is then so in and goes about flirting terribly with the guy. (As in, she’s bad at it.) Makoto on the other hand is actually helpful, because her homemaking skills lend themselves to this sort of think.

Mina ruins some of Mako’s work and they get realll mad at eachother, but then they defeat the Pink Amazoness. (Seriously, guys, I don’t know their names. Not Palla Palla, I guess).

I did like that they weren’t fighting over a guy. I thought that was what the episode would be and as usual Sailor Moon you have defied my expectations with your awesome girl friendships. Good for you!

The second episode is about Chibi-Usa’s school, and they’re having their sports day. Both Chibi-Usa and her little boy-friend (friend that is a boy) are having trouble with the vault. All the Senshi decide to help out Chibi-Usa, but her friend gets help from an unexpected source, Jun Jun (The Green Amazoness, who’s name I know now! You may have seen me spazzing about it on twitter) Chibi-Usa talks to Pegasus about it and he tells her that she can fly just like him.

Or whatever. He’s super cryptic and I’m getting REALLL sick of this buddy boy.

Anyway they save Chibi-Usa’s friend from Jun Jun, and everyone heads out.

So, I know the names of two of the Amazoness girls. And Pegasus is still kind of a weirdo. And I would still like to see some Outer Senshi, but I’m less obsessed with it. I absolutely see why S is most people I’ve talked to’s favorite arc.

I think that might just be because this arc is SUCH a letdown after that one. It’s good but it’s nowhere near as good.

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